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MacAnna family
MacAnna family
Teagan is the exact opposite of her sweet, innocent sister, Shannon. Dark and devious to the bone, she does whatever she wants with reckless abandon and no consideration for others. Who cares if there is no "I" in Team? There is an "I" in Mine and that's all that matters.
Name MacAnna family
Members Teagan MacAnna, Shannon MacAnna
Number of generations 1 generation
Lot 76 Shillelagh Street
Funds §1,500
Difficulty level Difficulty2
Other information
Game TS3DV Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Dragon Valley

The MacAnna family are a pre-made, playable family from the downloadable neighborhood of Dragon Valley. The family consists of 2 sisters; Shannon and Teagan MacAnna.

The family bio states that the two sisters are very different from one another; one being evil and the other being friendly. Shannon works in the Law Enforcement career while Teagan works in the Criminal career track. The family resides at 76 Shillelagh Street and begin the game with §1,600 in household funds.

The sisters may be influenced by Lewis Carroll's White Queen, whom is often portrayed as good (Shannon) and the Red Queen whom is often often portrayed as bad (Teagan), as well as each sister's favorite color being white and red, respectively.

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