Not to be confused with Likes Swimming or Loves Water.
Trait Loves To Swim
Loves to swim is a trait featured in The Sims 3: Island Paradise. It conflicts with Hydrophobic. It is first available from childhood.

These Sims are like fish in the sea and gain a special joy being in the water.


  • Sims who love to swim learn Scuba Diving skill at 15% faster rate.
  • Sims who love to swim can swim longer than other Sims before getting fatigued.
  • Sims who love to swim have 30% higher chance to win from fighting against sharks.
  • When left idle, Sims will do a "going underwater" animation, they hold their nose and pretend going underwater, one hand in the air.

Special MoodletsEdit

Image Moodlet Name Notes
Wonderful Water Wonderful Water Sims who love to swim will get this moodlet while swimming or scuba diving.
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