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Not to be confused with the Niagara Love tub from The Sims: Hot Date.
Love Tub
Who can resist the sensual appeal of soft lighting, warm water, and sizzling romance? Just about no one if they're soaking with your Sim in the Love Tub, that's who! No need to check to see if your Sim's skin is getting pruny, either . . . when the candles go out, it's time to retire to a private place. Ahhhh yeah!
Game The Sims 2
Buyability Limited
Price in game 20,000 asp
Object type(s) Fun, Hygiene, Social
Size 3 x 3

The Love Tub is an aspiration reward that was added in The Sims 2. It's a hot tub with candles around the rim to give it a romantic feel.

It is meant to increase relationships among Sims. Sims can do anything in it that they can in an ordinary hot tub, but while the candles are burning, social interactions between Sims in the tub are more likely to be accepted, and will have a larger effect. It has been reported that, if Sims "Try for Baby" while the candles are burning, it is more likely to result in a pregnancy.

The Love Tub's special properties last for four hours, and is signified by the burning candles. After that time, when the candles burn out, it functions as an ordinary hot tub.

Getting a Love Tub will fulfill the want to buy a hot tub.

Unlike the above-ground hot tub which is available in Buy mode, the Love Tub cannot be placed against a wall, fence, or railing.

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