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[[pl:Cechy parceli]]
[[pl:Cechy parceli]]
[[pt-br:Traços de Lote]]
[[pt-br:Traços de Lote]]
[[ru:Свойство участка]]
[[ru:Свойство участка]]
[[fr:Trait de terrain]]
[[Category:Lot mechanics]]
[[Category:Lot mechanics]]

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TS4 Icon

Lot Trait
TS4 lot type selection3
The Sims 4 lot type as of Patch 42, introducing lot traits

A lot trait is a feature for The Sims 4,[1] introduced with patch 42. Residential lots, as well as apartments[TS4CL] and most venues,[2] can be assigned lot traits that impact gameplay on that specific lot, such as increasing skill and relationship gains, or enabling random events to occur.

Each lot can be assigned up to three traits. Several apartments in San Myshuno feature locked traits which cannot be changed or removed, as well as traits that are exclusive to only these specific lots.[3]

List of lot traits

The game features 38 lot traits. 9 are available in the base game. 18 traits are added with City Living expansion pack.[4] Vampires adds 3 lot traits, all related to the primary theme of the game pack. Cats & Dogs adds 6 lot traits related to pets. Jungle Adventure adds 2 more lot traits related to jungle vacationing. There are also 7 lot traits in the base game that are locked and cannot be assigned to a lot in any manner, and are thus unused and 3 more locked traits added in City Living.

Base Game

Icon Trait Description Effect
Trait TS4 Great Acoustics Great Acoustics The acoustics are perfect here! A great place for any musician to hone their skills. 50% boost to singing, guitar, piano, violin, and DJ mixing skill gains.
Trait TS4 Fast Internet Fast Internet A great online connection helps out those looking to improve their Programming, Video Gaming, or Writing skills. 50% boost to programming, video gaming and writing skill gains.
Trait TS4 Domestic Homey The homey vibe helps Sims quickly master the domestic arts of Cooking, Mixology, Handiness, and Gardening. 50% boost to cooking, gourmet cooking, baking, mixology, handiness, and gardening skill gains.
Trait TS4 Science Lair Science Lair The secluded vibe means there's little to distract great minds from the study of Logic or Rocket Science. 50% boost to logic and rocket science skill gains.
Trait TS4 Convival Convivial The spacious but intimate feel makes it easier to practice Charisma, Comedy, and Mischief to your heart's content. 50% boost to charisma, comedy and mischief.
Trait TS4 Natural Light Natural Light The quality of light here makes Painting and Photography much easier to master. 50% boost to painting and photography skill gains.
Trait TS4 Breezing Braces Bracing Breezes Oodles of fresh air make for a bracing environment to exercise. 50% boost to fitness and wellness skill gains.
Trait TS4 Private Dwelling Private Dwelling A home lot with this trait deters all but the most determined visitors (It has little effect on commercial venues). No Sims will visit the lot, unless invited by the household.
TeenHangout Teen Neighborhood More teens will hang out in the neighborhood that surrounds this lot. You'll spot them roaming around and loitering in the streets, as teens are known to do. It's a good opportunity for teens in your household to meet new friends their own age! Teenager Sims will visit the lot more often than usual.

City Living

Icon Trait Description Effect
Trait TS4 Chef's Kitchen Chef's Kitchen Food prepared in this kitchen just seems to taste better and usually comes out better quality. After preparing food, Sims will receive the "Inspired Chef" inspired moodlet that lasts for 2 hours.
Trait TS4 Quake Zone Quake Zone Occasionally there's a minor tremor here. Probably nothing to worry about... The lot will randomly experience mild earthquakes, causing Sims to become tense and objects to break.
Trait TS4 Bookworm Good Schools The local school is great! Kids seem to get high grades and usually do better at homework. 30% boost to school performance. 25% of Child or teen Sim receiving the "Quality Education" confident moodlet before school.
Trait TS4 Mean Vibe Mean Vibe The Mean Vibe makes it easier to get other Sims angry with Mean or Mischief interactions. Sims will gain the "Mean Vibes" angry moodlet when using mean or mischief interactions.
Trait TS4 Home Studio Home Studio The artsy vibe makes this a great place to be creative. Painting, Writing and Woodworking usually comes out better quality. Sims will receive craft-related whims more often, and will output significantly higher-quality crafted objects.
Trait TS4 Sunny Aspect Sunny Aspect The beautiful scenery really makes this place uplifting. When the sun goes down, Sims may get Energized, Happy or Inspired. At 6:00 pm Sims on the lot will receive an energized, happy, or inspired moodlet that will last until 6:00 am.
Trait TS4 Cursed Cursed Lots of things seem to go wrong in this Apartment. Sims will often feel uncomfortable or tense, may experience random bladder failure, pain or dizziness, and are more likely to die from electrocution and exhaustion. The lot will also experience fires more frequently, and food will spoil faster.
Trait TS4 Slob Grody Sims have a chance to get nauseous when eating, drinking, or using the bathroom. 33% of Sim becoming nauseous when eating, drinking, or using the toilet on a lot with this trait.
Trait TS4 Gremlin Gremlins Stuff breaks here a lot. It's like there are tiny goblins that come out at night and smash things...but that's ridiculous, right? Objects may break while Sims on the lot are asleep.
Trait TS4 Penny Pixies Penny Pixies Sims often find loose change around the place. It's like there's a secret money fairy or something. Sims may find small amounts of Simoleons while cleaning, napping, rummaging, etc. Occasionally the Sim will also receive the "Penny Pixies" happy moodlet upon finding money.
Trait TS4 Party Place Party Place Parties just seem to go well at this place. Meeting Social Event goals becomes much easier. Social event objectives are easier to fulfill, and the effect of all friendly and romantic social interactions are boosted during these events.
Trait TS4 Filthy Filthy From clogged sewers to grimy counters, this place seems to get dirty really quickly. Objects will become dirty at double the usual rate.
TS4 Ghost Icon Haunted Locals say this place is haunted. Pah! What do they know? At 10:30 pm, ghosts will appear on the lot and wreak havoc.
Trait TS4 Romantic Aura Romantic Aura Romantic aura makes it easier to get other people in the mood for LURVE! Sims may receive the "Feelin' Lucky!" flirty moodlet when using romantic social interactions. This moodlet will increase the success of romantic interactions with other Sims.
Trait TS4 Great Soil Great Soil Gardening just seems to go really well here. Increases the rate of plant growth.
Trait TS4 Child's Play Child's Play Kids just seem to learn faster here. Child Sims and adult Sims with the childish trait receive the "Child's Play"/"Inner Child Play" playful moodlet when using children's objects.
Trait TS4 On Ley Line On Ley Line Full of funky fertile earth energy, twins are born here more often than not. Boosts the chances of a Sim conceiving twins.
Trait TS4 Gnomes Gnomes Broken things just seem to get mended overnight. It's as if kindly Gnomes watch over the place... Objects may be magically repaired while Sims on the lot are asleep.

Locked traits

These traits are locked to specific apartments and cannot be changed or removed, nor can they be assigned to other lots. The cheap, pricey and low deposit traits are not used, and are therefore inaccessible within the game.

Icon Trait Description Effect
Trait TS4 Cheap Cheap Rent is cheaper than average for this Apartment. No effect. This trait is unused. Despite the description, an apartment's rent cost is fixed and is not actually affected by the trait.
Trait TS4 Great View Great View The beautiful views are sure to lift anyone's spirits. Sims receive the "Fantastic View" energized moodlet when within range of an exterior-facing window.
Trait TS4 Historical Historical The Landlord has one rule - the Inspirational plaque dedicated to a famous historical resident can never be removed or sold. The lot contains a plaque that cannot be moved or removed. Viewing the plaque grants the Sim the "Historical Location" inspired moodlet.
Trait TS4 Lively Neighbors Lively Neighbors The neighbors live life to the max. There's often a party going on. The lot is more likely to receive disruption from neighbours.
Trait TS4 Low Deposit Low Deposit The deposit for this apartment is suspiciously low... No effect. This trait is unused. Despite the description, an apartment's deposit cost is fixed and is not actually affected by the trait.
Trait TS4 Needs TLC Needs TLC A great place to practice your Handiness skills! The apartment will randomly experience issues such as power outage, burst pipes, roaches, mice, and bad smells.
Trait TS4 Pricey Pricey Rent is higher than average for this Apartment. Sims living on the lot receive the "Only the Finest" happy moodlet indefinitely. This trait is unused. Despite the description, an apartment's rent cost is fixed and is not actually affected by the trait.
Trait TS4 Romantic Fireplace Romantic Fireplace A flirty vibe radiates from the beautiful fireplace in this apartment. The Landlord won't allow this fireplace to be removed or sold. The lot contains a fireplace that cannot be moved or removed. Sims within range of the fireplace receive the "Flirty Fire" flirty moodlet.
Trait TS4 Serviced Apartment Serviced Apartment The rent for this apartment includes maid service. A maid will arrive each weekday to clean the apartment, free of charge.
Trait TS4 Quiet Quiet Maybe it's the insulation or maybe the neighbors are very polite. Either way, it's never noisy here. The lot is less likely to receive disruption from neighbours.


Icon Trait Description Effect
TS4 Trait On A Dark Ley Line On A Dark Ley Line The dark energy here has a impact on all nocturnal activities. You can expect babies conceived here to require extra care while teething. Increases the chance of a baby being born as a vampire, even if both parents are not vampires.
Trait TS4 Vampire Lair Registered Vampire Lair The lot registers as a vampire lair. The League will send various gifts from time to time. Through the mail, no less. Even the immortals use the public mail service. Only available on home residences. The household will regularly receive free gifts through the mail.
Trait TS4 Vampire Nexus Vampire Nexus A dark void envelopes this lot in the upside down. Vampires are more likely to visit the area. Vampires will visit the lot more often.

Cats & Dogs

Icon Trait Description Effect
Trait TS4 Breeding Grounds Breeding Grounds Increases the chances for pets to have larger pet litters. Pregnant pets are likely to give birth to more than one offspring.
Trait TS4 Cat Friendly Cat Friendly Cat owners will visit this lot with their cats. Pet cats and their owners will visit the lot.
Trait TS4 Cat Hangout Cat Hangout Stray cats really love this lot. Meow! Stray cats will visit the lot.
Trait TS4 Dog Friendly Dog Friendly Dog owners will visit this lot with their dogs. Pet dogs and their owners will visit the lot.
Trait TS4 Dog Hangout Dog Hangout Stray dogs will hang out at this lot. Stray dogs will visit the lot.
The Sims 4 Pet Training Icon Training Ground Sims gain Pet Training skill faster on this lot. Sims will gain the pet training skill faster, and have an easier time training pets as a result.

Jungle Adventure

Icon Trait Description Effect
Trait TS4 Creepy Crawlies Creepy Crawlies It seems that some creepy pests have taken up residence here. Be prepared; when they hit you'll never see them coming. Spiders, bees, and bats may randomly descend on Sims on the lot.
Trait TS4 Peace and Quiet Peace and Quiet Something about this lot makes it great for reading. Sims understand more, so they gain skill faster from reading, and Tense moods go away faster. Sims will gain skill from books much faster, and may get a moodlet to relieve tension.


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