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The Lot assignment is the option that defines what a lot is used for.

The Sims

In The Sims, lots can only be distinguished between residential lots and community lots, despite the fact community lots can have several purposes defined by the objects contained in it.

The Sims 2

In The Sims 2, lots can also only be designated as residential and community lot. As well as lot designations, the game recognizes the term lot zoning that define special lots, such as dormitories, hotels, apartments &secret society lots. Lot zoning is an advanced cheat and was not meant to be used freely.

The Sims 3

In The Sims 3, players are able to set and define the type of a lot. Lot assignment allows community lots to be distinct from each other, depending on the assignment they have. For example, a park is expected to be outdoors and have playground objects, while a lounge is expected to have bars and indoor amenities.

Players can set the lot assignment via Edit Town mode with patch 1.12.

Changing a Lot Assignment Prior to Patch 1.12

Prior to patch 1.12, players had no free control to set the lot assignment of a lot. Instead, to set a lot assignment, players had to edit the community lot and place the required objects in order to set the lot assignment. The lot assignments below have ascending priority order. This means that if a lot meets the requirements of an art gallery, it will not be considered a pool no matter how many swimming pools are on the lot:

  • Empty - none
  • Fishing spot - 1 fishing spawner
  • Small park - 3 park objects[which?]
  • Big park - 12 park objects[which?]
  • Beach - 1 beach object[which?]
  • Pool - 1 swimming pool
  • Art gallery - 16 paintings and sculptures in total
  • Library - 12 bookshelves
  • Gym - 4 gym objects
  • Graveyard - 4 tombstones and 1 mausoleum
  • Rabbit hole lot - any rabbit holes other than mausoleum

Changing a Lot Assignment with Patch 1.12

As of patch 1.12, the option to set the lot assignment of any lots are available on Edit Town mode. The default lot assignment of a community lot is No Visitors Allowed, but prior to patch 1.12, the default is empty / blank. This is noticeable as some lots in Sunset Valley have no lot assignment.

Different lot assignments attract different kind of Sims (by their age, type, traits, skills, career, celebrity status and NPC role), as well allow permit/forbid certain pets, define lot density and enforces associated activity/behavior (skill encouragement and object advertisement).[1] Some lots could be a hotspot or a dead zone, where the lot would be deemed to have either higher or lower visitor density. In the full moon, the density of a lot will also increase.[2]

List of Lot Assignments

Certain lot assignments can only found in certain sub-neighborhoods, such as themarket lot assignment. Some lot assignments are only available in Create a World or by unlocking them with enableLotLocking on cheat. Lot assignments control what opportunities, gigs, or interactions are available. For example, some Mixology bar drinks are only available in certain lot assignments.


Main article: Residential lot

Residential is one of the two primary lot categories. Sims can live on residential lots. Expansion packs bring many new residential lot assignments into The Sims 3.



Main article: Community lot

Community is one of the two primary lot categories. Community lots serve a variety of purposes.


Lot Assignments set by Rabbit Holes

These lot types are available in CAW but they are only assigned to the rabbit holes.

Map tags

Map tags are colored markers that appear over lots in the Map View. By default, they will appear over all community lots and the residential lots of known Sims in the map view. They will also appear for active opportunities and adventures, and will also appear over the currently selected Sim's workplace or school. Clicking on a map tag allows the player to direct Sims to the lot without having to exit Map View; functionally, it provides the same options as clicking on the lot in live mode. If the currently selected Sim is on a lot, their plumbob will appear next to the map tag for the lot they are in.

Map tags are colored based on the type of lot they are attached to.

  • Green tags indicate the currently played household's home lot
  • Dark blue tags indicate community lots
  • Light blue tags with the career symbol on it indicate the selected Sim's place of work
  • Light blue tags with a star indicate opportunities
  • Orange tags indicate the residential lots of other Sims that the current Sim knows. Map tags will not appear for empty lots or for lots inhabited by unknown Sims.
  • Red tags indicate rabbit holes.

The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, lots require certain objects in order to determine its lot assignment properly. The presence of these objects cause NPCs such as bartenders to appear on the lot. At launch there were only nine lot types, but since launch new lot types have been included in various packs and patches. Modders have also successfully created new lot types. In patch 42, lot traits were introduced. These traits along with lot types can characterize a lot's functionality and create an effect on the Sims that visit them.

The lot assignment selector.

List of Lot Types


  2. Due to the game's poorly implemented method of populating a lot, lots might not be as crowded as the game would imply.
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