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Lot assignment is an option that defines the specialty of a lot type. In The Sims, lots are only distinguished between residential lot and community lot. In The Sims 2, in addition to the residential and community lots, the game recognizes the term as lot zoning that define special lots, such as dormitories, hotels, apartments, secret society lots, and so on. Lot zoning, however, is an advanced cheat, so it was not meant to be used freely.

Beginning in The Sims 3, players are able to set and define the type of a lot. The feature returns in The Sims 4. Lot assignment allows community lots to be distinct from each other, depending on the assignment they have. For example, a park is expected to be outdoors and have playground objects, while a lounge is expected to have bars and indoor amenities.

The Sims 3Edit

In The Sims 3, players can set the lot assignment via Edit Town mode with patch 1.12. Prior to patch 1.12, players have no free control to set the lot assignment of a lot. Instead, to set a lot assignment, players have to edit the community lot and place the required objects in order to set the lot assignment. The lot assignments below have ascending priority order, so if a lot meets the requirements of an art gallery, it will not be considered a pool no matter how many swimming pools are on the lot:

  • Empty - none
  • Fishing spot - 1 fishing spawner
  • Small park - 3 park objects[which?]
  • Big park - 12 park objects[which?]
  • Beach - 1 beach object[which?]
  • Pool - 1 swimming pool
  • Art gallery - 16 paintings and sculptures in total
  • Library - 12 bookshelves
  • Gym - 4 gym objects
  • Graveyard - 4 tombstones and 1 mausoleum
  • Rabbit hole lot - any rabbit holes other than mausoleum

As of patch 1.12, the option to set the lot assignment to any lots are available on Edit Town mode. The default lot assignment of a community lot is No Visitors Allowed, but prior to patch 1.12, the default is empty / blank. This is noticeable as some lots in Sunset Valley have no lot assignment.

Different lot assignments attract different kind of Sims (by their age, type, traits, skills, career, celebrity status and NPC role), as well allow permit/forbid certain pets, define lot density and enforces associated activity/behavior (skill encouragement and object advertisement).[1] Some lots could be a hotspot or a dead zone, where the lot would be deemed to have either higher or lower visitor density. In the full moon, the density of a lot will also increase.[2]

Certain lot assignments are only found in certain sub-neighborhoods, such as market, and some lot assignments are hidden and only available in the Create a World or by unlocking them with enableLotLocking on cheat. Lot assignments control what opportunities, gigs, or interactions are available. For example, some Mixology bar drinks are only available in certain lot assignments.


Main article: Residential lot

Residential is one of the two primary lot categories. Sims can live on residential lots.

Assignments in the residential categoryEdit


Main article: Community lot

Community is one of the two primary lot categories. Community lots serve a variety of purposes.

Assignments in the community categoryEdit

Base game
World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise
Into the Future

Assignments set by rabbit holesEdit

These lot types are available in CAW but they are only assigned to the rabbit holes.

Map TagsEdit

Map tags in The Sims 3 are clickable, interactive buttons that spring up from the birds-eye view when in Map View. Map tags can relate to a variety of lots and Sims. Map tags also generate for opportunities and adventures. Community lot tags are a deep blue color. A lighter blue tag represents a player's selected sim's place of work (exception with professions and certain careers). Lighter, cyan colored tags usually represent a specified rabbit hole[which?], specifically places a sim may work.[confirmation needed] A green tag represents the player's household he is currently playing. If there is a PlumbBob above the map tag, a player's selected sim is at that current location (for example if the sims is in the theater it will show a plumbob above the theater tag). Bright, vibrant tags represent opportunities involving opportunities, professions[TS3:A], or actions that are not particularly related to game play such as Neighborhood Pet Adoption[TS3:P]. Less bright orange tags represent another sims' dwelling. These map tags only appear when a player's selected sim has met a sim of the household. Red tags represent rabbit holes such as schools, bistros, diners, subways[TS3:LN], jails, and grocery stores. Enabling the discoTags cheat will make the map tags flash colorfully when viewed from the map view.

The Sims 4Edit

In The Sims 4, lots require certain objects in order to determine its lot assignment properly. The presence of these objects cause NPCs such as bartenders to appear on the lot. At launch there were only nine lot types, but since launch new lot types have been included in various packs and patches. Modders have also successfully created new lot types.

In patch 42, lot traits were introduced. These traits along with lot types can characterize a lot's functionality and create an effect on the Sims that visit them.

TS4 lot type selection3

The lot assignment selector.

Base game
Outdoor Retreat
Get to Work
Spa Day
Get Together
Dine Out
City Living
Cats & Dogs
Jungle Adventure
Get Famous
Island Living
Realm of Magic


  2. Due to the game's poorly implemented method of populating a lot, lots might not be as crowded as the game would imply.
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