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Trait Loser
Loser is a social Trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Brave and Charismatic traits.

Losers encounter woe and misfortune throughout their lives beginning with school and continuing into their careers. They will fail and fail often. They won't get mad even when life falls apart. They'll just cry.


  • Losers will have lower chances of having success.
  • The Sim is more likely to receive a negative event at work/school.
  • When receiving opportunities, Loser Sims will have a higher chance of failing.
  • Losers will break down in tears if something negative happens to them.
  • Losers complain more in a conversation.
  • Losers are less likely to win video games.
  • Losers are very unlikely to win fights. The chances increase a little if they have the Evil or Mean Spirited traits if they are fighting another Loser.
  • Losers will get more potent "Winner" moodlets when they manage to win games.
  • Losers will also get "Winner" moodlets when they get promoted.
  • Instead of getting a "Win a Game" wish, their wish says "Be a winner, for once."
  • Losers are at a slight disadvantage in all majors in the college.
  • Ironically, Losers can still possess the Lucky trait, despite the trait contradicts Lucky in every single way possible.
  • If a Loser has the "Splash" interaction used on them while swimming in a pool, they will pitifully plead with the Sim splashing them to stop rather than getting irritated or angry.
  • Losers will flee before Sims who are the Emperor of Evil.
  • Losers are very likely to lose bar brawls.[TS3:LN]
  • Loser Sims with the Can Apprehend Burglar hidden trait can still fight burglars, however unless the burglar is also a Loser, the Loser Sim will still lose the fight anyway despite the increased chance of winning a fight from the Can Apprehend Burglar hidden trait.

Premade Losers

Dorie Hart, Gobias Koffi, Luisa Libros.

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