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Logic skill
A Sim practicing her logic skill.

Skill Logic

Logic is a skill in The Sims series. It is a valuable skill for many careers and playing games like chess.

Ways to increase logic[]

Logic toybox

A toybox is good object for toddlers to study logic from the early ages.

Careers which require the logic skill[]

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The Sims[]

In The Sims: Makin' Magic, it improves spell casting, affects how many MagiCoins a Sim will get for performing on the stone stage or at the tricks tables in Magic Town, and may affect the performance of other magical acts.

The Sims 2[]

In The Sims 2, logic also affects the odds of winning a chess game. With The Sims 2: University, teenagers with a high logic skill (level 8 or higher) qualify for the Will Wright Genius Grant, which is a §750 scholarship. Logic increases the rate at which a Sim earns the Register talent badge from The Sims 2: Open for Business. With The Sims 2: FreeTime, having high logic makes it easier for Sims to maintain high enthusiasm for the games and science hobbies. Additionally, all Sims in The Sims 2 who have 10 points in logic get a 35% boost when learning other skills, except for body and charisma.

The Sims 3[]

The logic skill icon

In The Sims 3, logic is augmented by the computer whiz, genius, and perceptive[TS3:A] traits. With a higher logic skill, Sims can look through the telescope in many different ways. Sims are able to use the Catalyst Chemistry Lab Station to make potions.[TS3:G]

When you achieved Level 10, you will get a certificate:

"With mental skills like yours it is only logical that we, the Pollak Institute for Esoteric but Correct Thinking congratulate you, for achieving the very highest level of excellence in your mental endeavors. Please accept this handsomely framed certificate and display it with pride knowing others will see just how skilled you are"


  • Chess Rank
  • Highest Ranked Opponent Defeated in Chess
  • Chess Record
  • Number Of Celestial Discoveries
  • Number of Sims Tutored
  • Number of Hours Spent Tutoring Children
  • Number of Hours Spent Tutoring Sims for Skills
  • Number of Potions Made[TS3:G]
  • Potions Discovered[TS3:G]
  • Dominoes Record[TS3:ST]


Grand Master
Chess Grand Masters have reached the coveted fifth level of the competitive chess circuit. There, they sit upon their throne, gazing downwards upon their victims. Those who engage Grand Masters in chess improve their abilities in logic and chess more quickly.
Celestial Explorer
Celestial Explorers have discovered 20 celestial bodies through their telescope. Their extensive knowledge of the heavens allows them to discuss the stars with their friends and neighbors.
Teacher Extraordinaire
Teacher Extraordinaires have spent at least 20 hours tutoring children and students. Because of this, they are much more effective when tutoring others.
Skill Professor
Skill Professors have spent at least 30 hours tutoring other Sims in skills. Because of this, they are much more effective when teaching skills to others.
Master Chemist
Master Chemists have discovered 10 potions. After learning every possible potion, they can create potions at a lower cost!


Increasing a Sim's logic skill gives the Sim certain special interactions:

Level Ability Notes
3 Search Galaxy Allows the Sim to find and name stars for simoleons.
5 Tutor Children Allows the Sim to tutor children to increase the child's grades. Increases the Logic skill of both Sims if they have learned it.
10 Tutor Sims for Skill Allows the Sim to teach other Sims skills they know.

Celestial bodies[]

When using a telescope and searching the galaxy, a Sim will sometimes discover a celestial body. It may be a comet, planet, star, moon, galaxy, black hole, neutron or satellite. The Sim will then earn a small amount of money or up to several thousand (for discovering a black hole) for contributing to the scientific community.

With The Sims 3: Into the Future, Sims can use the stellar observatory to search for stellar activity. Like telescopes, Sims can also discover celestial bodies during this interaction. Sims who are in the astrophysicist branch of the astronomer career can discover unique celestial bodies, and for every celestial body they discover, they can earn a painting of that body. These paintings can have a value from hundreds to thousands of simoleons depending on the importance of that discovery. The unique bodies are an asteroid belt, constellation, event horizon, gamma ray burst, life on another planet, nebula, shooting star, super nova, and the end of universe. The game screen can flash for a second after discovering a super nova.

Also, Sims may see a meteor fall from the sky and land somewhere in town. They can use Map View to find the land site and travel there to collect the space rock. There is also a chance that the meteor will fall on them.


Taking Down Sinclair
Challenge Argyle Sinclair at the Theatre before time runs out to earn some money.
Fixing the Books
Assist Accountants at the Business Office to earn some money.
Settle an Argument
Speak to a Sim, and Convince Logic is Great to improve your relationship, and to improve your skill.
A Stimulating Experiment
Participate in Study at the Science Facility before time runs out to earn some money.
Becoming More Logical
Improve your logic skill by one point, and tell the local scientists about that to earn some money!
Logic 101
Teach Logic Class at the School to earn some money.
Puzzle Panic
Assemble Puzzles at the Supermarket to earn some money.
Riddle Away
Complete in Contest at the Bookstore before time runs out to earn some money, and to improve your skill!
Fixing the Celestial Slump
Search Galaxy on your own telescope to earn some money, and to improve your skill!
Logic Tutoring
Skill tutor a Sim, and report it back to a location to earn some cash!
Tutor Me Please
Tutor a Sim to improve your relationship, and to earn some cash!
The Great Argyle Sinclair
Watch Argyle Sinclair at the Bookstore before time runs out to earn some cash, and to improve your skill!


  • When moving to another neighborhood, Sims must rediscover all the potions. However, because each discovery adds 10% to the discovery rate without resetting it, a Sim that had completed the Master Chemist challenge previously will not be able to complete the challenge ever, and when the Sim discovers 10 potions throughout the Sim's cumulative history, the challenge is marked as completed. However, the Sim does have another opportunity to discover each potion for free once.
  • When a Sim masters the logic skill, the game mentions Veronaville on the pop-up message saying, "Such brilliance and mental fortitude have not been witnessed since the Late Renaissance of Veronaville!"
  • If Showtime is installed, children and teenagers raising Logic often trigger the Master Magician Lifetime Wish, despite the career not requiring the skill.
  • To complete the Teacher Extraordinaire simply select "Friendly" then "Tutor" not "Tutor in..."

The Sims 4[]

Skill TS4 Logic

In The Sims 4 is augmented by the genius trait, as it will occasionally give a focused moodlet, with focused being the ideal emotion for building logic skill. Gaining logic skill is required for the Nerd Brain aspiration and also for some careers.


Similarly to the previous games, Sims with higher logic skill increase their chances of winning at games like chess. Logic skill is also tied to collecting, with benefits relating to this including the ability to collect and analyze plant, crystal and fossil samples at levels 2, 5 and 8 respectively. Also, Sims can unlock several Logic based interactions: 'Discuss Logic', 'Provide Logical Solution to Problems' and 'Rant Logically'.

Sims with this skill[]

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