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Not to be confused with Lobos family.

Lobo family
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Established and novice artists alike shudder in anticipation for the day Diego Lobo steps his critical foot into their gallery. Impress him and you'll have it made for life. But if one brush stroke is off, if just one hue is not quite to his liking, you may never work in this town again.
Name Lobo family
Members Diego Lobo
Lot 1020 Alto Apartments
Other information
Game TS4 City Living Icon The Sims 4: City Living
Playability Playable
World San Myshuno

The Lobo family is a premade household from San Myshuno that comes with The Sims 4: City Living. Diego Lobo lives alone in an apartment.

The name Lobo is shared with a comic book character from DC Comics.

"Lobo" is Spanish for "wolf".