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Littler family
Littler family
The Littlers are one of the town's most prominent families, even if they're not the most well-liked. Renee Littler is a successful news anchor and an indulgent mother to her wayward children. Tensions run high in the family as B-list actor Reuben lives in the shadow of his wife's success. Will their marriage survive the disparity or will the live-in help, Odine Perry, become a dangerous distraction?
Name Littler family
Members Reuben Littler, Odine Perry, Renee Littler, Bronson Littler, Deidre Littler
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections Angelista family, Old and New Glam household
Lot 186 Windsor Drive
Funds §10,000
Difficulty level Difficulty4
Other information
Game TS3LN Icon The Sims 3: Late Night
World Bridgeport

The Littler family is a pre-made celebrity family who resides in Bridgeport. It consists of Reuben Littler, his wife Renee Littler, their two children, and their family's live-in-nanny Odine Perry.

Reuben appears to be a womanizer. He has a daughter, Tiara Angelista with his ex-girlfriend Lala Angelista and he is romantically interested in their nanny, Odine. Most of his family are unaware of him cheating on his wife with the nanny.

Only the little Deidre knows about her father's "little secret," making her enemies with him, though, curiously she is distant friends with her father's lover. Renee seems to be absent from her family's life, only caring for her children and work. This situation appears to be similar to that of the Pleasant family.

Family tree

Angelista-Littler Family Tree

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