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This is a list of songs from the console version of The Sims 2. Music was created for the game by real-life artists; including Dix Bruce, Darol Anger, McHale Barone, Eric Valladares, John Cobbett, J Greco, The F*cking Champs, The Humble Brothers, Matmos, Jacen Touchstone, Walt Szalva, Carla Kihlstedt, Sharky Laguna, Jeffery Stott and Jacen Touchstone.

The Sims 2 features nine radio stations with entirely unique music, but reuses music from The Sims 2: Nightlife as background music for the different modes of the game. Many of the songs were originally recorded for The Urbz: Sims in the City and were held over to be used in The Urbz 2, which was ultimately refactored into The Sims 2. Other songs in the game are remastered versions of existing songs from selected artists' work.

Several real-life songs were rerecorded into Simlish, and can be played individually on a stereo, much like selecting a radio station. These artists are Fischerspooner, Kitty Shack, MXPX, Paramore, Reggie & the Full Effect, and Trivium.

The nine radio stations available in the game are:

  • Alternative Rock
  • Ambient Dub
  • Bluegrass
  • Industrial
  • Lounge Music
  • Nu-Metal
  • Pop
  • Punk Pop
  • Trance Dance

In-game musicEdit

Title Artist Filename Mode Preview
The Sims 2 Nightlife Theme Junkie XL music_48_title_track Title Track
Arch of the Sim Lemon Jelly music_24_bbcas1 Build/Buy/CAS
Stop and Sim General Midi music_24_bbcas2
Sim Time Lemon Jelly music_24_bbcas3

Radio station musicEdit

Title Artist Filename Station Preview
The Sims 2 Theme Timo Maas music_24_djbooth_fast DJ booth
First Volley General Midi music_24_djbooth_generalmidi
Busy Adam Freeland music_24_djbooth_med
Sims Emo Jacen Touchstone stereo_altrock1 Alternative Rock
Suddenly Ryan Ferguson stereo_ryan
Aegean Dub Jef Stott stereo_amdub1 Ambient Dub
Saracen Jef Stott stereo_amdub4
stereo_blue1 Bluegrass
In The Pines Dix Bruce stereo_blue3
Monroe Stomp Dix Bruce stereo_blue4
Old Folks Dix Bruce stereo_blue5
stereo_dance1 Trance Dance
Trance Jason Touchstone stereo_dance3
Just Let Go (Tommie Sunshine Brooklyn Fire Retouch) Fischerspooner stereo_fischer
Gheffahschomp John Cobbett stereo_goth1 Industrial
Deepswell The Humble Brothers stereo_goth2
Mah Shoo Moe #2 John Cobbett stereo_goth3
stereo_lounge1 Lounge Music
Kremlsche Eric Valladares stereo_numetal1 Nu-Metal
Static The Humble Brothers stereo_numetal2
Like Light To The Flies Trivium stereo_trivium
Chameleon The Humble Brothers stereo_pop1 Pop
Upside The Humble Brothers stereo_pop2
Take Me Home, Please Reggie & the Full Effect stereo_reggie
Another World Kitty Shack stereo_kittyshack
Clearblue The Humble Brothers stereo_punkpop1 Punk Pop
Pressure Paramore stereo_paramore
Late Again MXPX stereo_mxpx


  • "Jacen Touchstone" is incorrectly credited as "Jacen Touchestone" in the game's credits.
  • The music on the Bluegrass station was originally intended to be included on a country-themed station in the PC game, but was cut before release. One of the songs can be heard in a pre-release montage of music from the game, despite not appearing in the final release.


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