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While no list of mods for the various The Sims games can be anywhere close to complete, this is a (very) partial list of some of the more useful, interesting, or popular ones. Note that mods may have more than one version, and that some mods were not updated for later expansion packs. Players should always make sure they are downloading the correct version for the latest expansion pack they have, and that there is a version for that expansion pack.

The Sims 2Edit

Note: Some mods for The Sims 2 will cause occupied residential lots to reset, in the same way that installing a new expansion pack or stuff pack does.

Note: Some mods will have several versions for different expansion packs. In these cases, players should be sure to get the version for the latest expansion pack they have. For players with compilations such as Ultimate Collection and the The Sims 2: Super Collection, that will be the latest EP included in the compilation. (Apartment Life for Ultimate Collection; Bon Voyage for Super Collection.).

Note: Any mod that uses the Apartment Life "Nanny fix" is not compatible with games that do not have Apartment Life or Mansion & Garden Stuff.



A Edit


Source: More Awesome Than You!

This small mod makes bed-making an abortable action. Originally, the "Make Bed" action could not be aborted; even if it was canceled before the Sim reached the bed, he or she would continue the action and make the bed. With this mod, the action can be stopped at any time before the Sim actually starts making the bed. If the action is canceled while the Sim is making the bed, he or she will finish, but will not continue after that.

Anti-Humble HacksEdit

Source: DJS Sims
Requires: FreeTime

This is a pair of mods that affect whether or not Rod Humble will appear on residential lots. Since both affect the same behavior, only one of the two should be used.

One of them, djsantihumblehack, simple prevents Humble from appearing at all. The other, djshumblechoicehack, adds a dialog that allows the player to decide whether or not to accept the computer he brings.


Source: More Awesome Than You!
Requires: Nightlife or later

This mod allows the game to generate only one of each type of NPC (maid, gardener, repairman, etc.) per neighborhood. It will allow the game to generate new ones if an existing one is unavailable. This mod is considered critical for unpatched copies of Bon Voyage.

Note: It does not affect premade or pre-coded NPCs in premade neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods, even if it was in place when that neighborhood or sub-neighborhood was initialized. For example, a premade neighborhood will still have, and use, all the maids, gardeners, etc. that were made for it.

Autonomous Casual Romance Edit

Source: Simbology

Requires: Nightlife or later.

This mod allows Sims to do various romantic interactions earlier in a relationship. It also allows them to initiate romances autonomously, and even Woohoo and Try for Baby autonomously (The latter option may be disabled, and is also dependent on various factors such as aspiration and how many kids the mother already has). The autonomous casual Woohoo interaction also includes risky woohoo functionality. It also makes the jealousy more logical, and makes Sims smarter about not triggering jealousy.

The autonomous casual interactions enabled by this mod are in fact copies of the original interactions, when selecting interactions on a Sim's pie menu they are contained within a special menu labeled "Casual". Therefore, all the standard Maxis interactions have their usual requirements, and the Woohoo interaction is not affected by risky woohoo functionality included with the mod. The only aspect of the mod that is not self-contained is the jealousy changes.

B Edit

BBQ "Close Lid"Edit

Source: Mod The Sims

This mod adds a "Close Lid" interaction to any Maxis barbecue grill with an open lid. The interaction tells a Sim to walk to the grill and close the lid. This is meant to add a touch of realism, but has no effect on gameplay.

Note: Despite what is listed on the download page, it does not require Seasons, Celebration! Stuff, or FreeTime. If any of those Packs as installed, it will affect the grills included in them, but it only requires the base game.

Break up anytimeEdit

Source: SimLogical
Requires: FreeTime or Apartment Life

This mod makes the "Break Up" option available to Sims who are going steady, engaged, or married/joined, regardless of the level of their relationship. It also changes the interaction so that, if the Sims are in the same household, neither one will be placed in the family bin, allowing the player to decide how to handle their separation.

C Edit


Source: More Awesome Than You!

This small mod changes the way Sims handle empty coffee, espresso, and hot chocolate cups. With this mod, Sims will only place empty cups on a surface if, in their judgment, it is closer than a sink or dishwasher. Otherwise, they will take the cup to the sink or dishwasher.

Players should note that this mod occasionally causes a minor "jump bug" when washing a cup in a sink. While this is only a mild annoyance if it happens to a household member, the Headmaster will vanish if it affects him.


Source: More Awesome Than You!

This mod fixes various issues related to some life states. Anything related to a life state or expansion pack which is not present will be ignored.

Most significantly, it prevents vampires from biting NPCs such as Mrs. CrumpleBottom. This is important, as biting Mrs. CrumpleBottom will cause game corruption. Other vampire related fixes are related to the Irritate > Bleh! interaction and peeking into coffins.

It has fixes related to skin coloration and layering, including that for alien eyes. A noticeable effect of this is that it will allow Sims to express alien eyes if they do not have the alien skintone. Also, according to Pescado, alien eyes will not appear on teens without this mod.

It fixes an issue in which becoming a werewolf gives a Sim memories of windows, shrubs, trees, etc., and also fixes an issue related to the Irritate > Grr! interaction.

If Bon Voyage is installed, it will prevent vampires from rolling wants to become a vampire, and prevent werewolves from rolling wants to become a werewolf.

It also fixes issues related to the appearance of witches in Apartment Life

E Edit

Exercise TweaksEdit

Source: Cyjon

This mod tweaks the motive drops for various types of exercise equipment and activities from the base game, University, FreeTime and Apartment Life.

Yoga: Reduces hourly energy drain from 10 to 0. Fixes incorrect motive limits.

Exercise machines (weight machines and treadmills): Increases hourly energy drain from 0 to 15.

Punching bag: Hourly energy drain increased from 0 to 15.

Exercise bike: Hourly energy drain reduced from 20 to 15.

Basketball: Reduces hourly energy drain from 45 to 15.

Soccer: Reduces hourly energy drain from 75 to 15. Increases body skill rate from 100 to 200. Fixes broken fitness delta so soccer will now improve fitness.

Jump Rope: Increases hourly energy drain from 3/5/7 to 5/10/15 for easy/medium/hard.

L Edit

Less Addictive Espresso BarEdit

Source: DJS Sims

This small mod modifies how strongly the Impresso Espress-o-Matic espresso bar advertises. Beginning with Open for Business, the espresso bar began advertising very strongly. As a result, Sims would tend to swarm it, and to ignore other attractions on the lot. With this mod, the advertising is reduced so that Sims will still use it autonomously, but it will not overwhelm other attractions on the lot.

Less Robot BreakageEdit

Source: DJS Sims
Requires: Open for Business

This small mod reduces the amount of "wear" that is added to Roverbots and Hoverbots each time they activate. As a result, they tend to break less often, though they will still break.

N Edit

No autonomous kisses as greeting/goodbyeEdit

Source: Mod The Sims
Requires: Nightlife or later

This mod completely suppresses romantic kissing as an autonomous greeting/goodbye gesture.

It is based on Cyjon's Stop Kissing Me, and will conflict with it. The author notes that it will not affect the end-of-date animation; this presumably applies to the original mod as well.


Source: More Awesome Than You!
Requires: FreeTime

This mod prevents Rod Humble from visiting residential lots, and makes the computer he brings available in Buy mode. Players should note that buying this computer will not make The Sims 3 available. The ability to play The Sims 3 on a lot is enabled by the gift box Humble leaves, not by the presence of the computer.

The computer Humble brings is a clone of the Pear ShinyStation XTR with §500 taken off the price. Players who have either Teen Style Stuff or Apartment Life plus the appropriate CEP Extra already have the ShinyStation, and may wish to use Jfade's djsantihumblehack to prevent Humble from appearing.


Source: More Awesome Than You!
Requires: FreeTime

This mod for FreeTime affects how the game reacts to Sims' gains in hobby enthusiasm. It prevents the hobby instructors from visiting the lot or making phone calls when Sims gain enthusiasm. The pop-up messages will still appear, but the instructor will not call or visit. The exception to this is the calls offering subscriptions to the hobby magazines, which will still come.

It also tweaks the logic for enthusiasm decay, and allows top-level enthusiasm to be "buffered", so that hobby activities a Sim performs after reaching level 10 will help that Sim maintain that enthusiasm level.

No Podium Play Edit

Source: Cyjon

This mod keeps children from autonomously playing with the podiums which are the career rewards for the Politics and Law careers. Children can still be directed to play with a podium, or to speak at one. However, players should note that this mod may remove the ability to ask for/give lessons.

While the Law career is from Seasons, this mod does not require Seasons.

No Random Calls Edit

Source: Cyjon
Requires: Varies

This is a set of four mods that block various types of incoming telephone calls.

CJ-NoRandomCalls-Strangers blocks incoming calls if the Sims have a low relationship. This will not stop playable Sims from being directed to call Sims they barely know. It does not require any expansion packs, but if Nightlife is installed, it will block random incoming calls from Downtownies.

CJ-NoRandomCalls-Contacts blocks incoming calls from Sims that have a mutual friend with the Sim being called, but who the Sim being called does not know. This type of call is a feature of Nightlife, so this mod requires Nightlife.

CJ-NoRandomCalls-DatesOutings blocks incoming calls that are invitations to dates and outings. In addition to blocking random invitations, it also blocks "Let's do that again" calls from Sims that the Sim being called had a successful date or outing with. This type of call is a feature of Nightlife, so this mod requires Nightlife. This mod may not be necessary if a Downtown is not associated with any neighborhood being played.

CJ-NoRandomCalls-Subscriptions blocks the calls offering subscriptions to hobby magazines. It does not stop Sims from using the phone to subscribe. This mod, like all hobby-related mods, requires FreeTime.

No Return Home Animation Edit

Source: Cyjon

This mod suppresses the "I'm Home!" animation that Family Sims sometimes launch into when they return home from work.

Non-Townie OutfitsEdit

Source: Cyjon

This is a set of 5 category mods for certain Maxis outfits and hairstyles. Four of them prevent that outfit or style from being selected when a Sim ages up or a new Townie is created. Two of them cover the child dragon outfits and nightcaps from Family Fun Stuff. The one for nightcaps also flags them as hats. One covers the teen and adult female hairstyles from Glamour Life Stuff and Celebration! Stuff which have veils; it also flags them as hats. Another one affects the baby new year, Santa Claus, and Mrs. Claus outfits from the Holiday Party Pack. Finally, there is one that affects the child floaties from Family Fun Stuff. It changes them from swimwear and everyday to swimwear-only, but does not stop them from being given to Townies or aged-up Sims.


Source: More Awesome Than You!
Requires: University

This University related mod prevents the game from generating new secret society members when a member either dies or is made playable. Instead, a young adult townie who qualifies for society membership will be made a member.

No Welcome Home Hugs Edit

Source: Leefish

This small mod prevents children from being forced to stop whatever they are doing and run to greet a parent who has just returned from work. It also prevents the parent's free will or queued actions from being canceled so that they can wait at the curb for the child.

P Edit

Pregnant Sims Wear Any OutfitEdit

Requires: Open for Business or later

This mod by Squinge modifies Maxis dressers so that visibly pregnant Sims can wear any outfit. There is a version for Open for Business and Pets, and each EP from Seasons through Apartment Life has its own version.

  • This mod has been known to cause residential lots to reset.


School Bus/Bring Friend & Homework HacksEdit

Source: Simbology
Requires: Nightlife or later

These two mods, which can be used separately or together, alter certain game behaviors related to the school bus. The School Bus/Bring Friend hack reduces the 1-hour notices for the school bus to one or two per household instead of one per child. There will only be two notices if some kids and in public school and others are in private school. It also causes a dialog to appear when a child or teen wants to bring a Sim home. The player's options will be "Yes", "No', and "Cancel". "Yes" allows the child or teen to bring the Sim home; "No" disallows that, but still boosts the relationship between the two Sims; and "Cancel" voids the action so there is no relationship boost. Players should note that choosing "No" may give a flat 20/20 relationship boost, without any adjustments for Summer or the Fast Friends aspiration benefit. The Homework hack adds the possibility that a child or teen who has learned to study will not get homework on any given day. It also keeps children or teens from celebrating and showing off the first time they get an A+, though they still get the special memory associated with that. It also appears to adjust the motive effects of school and homework according to a Sim's Seriousness score, with more serious Sims taking less of a hit to Fun.

  • The Apartment Life version of the School Bus/Bring Friend will conflict with Pescado's alfixes, and will not work unless it loads after alfixes.
  • The lowest version of the mods is listed as being for Nightlife through Pets.

Stop Kissing MeEdit

Source: Cyjon
Requires: Nightlife (In practice, probably Nightlife or later.)

This mod stops Sims from kissing romantically when greeting or saying goodbye to one another unless there is a crush or love relationship between them.

  • This mod appears to affect behavior that was introduced in Nightlife and carried forward into later expansions. It should work with later expansion packs even if Nightlife is not installed.
  • Gummilutt at Mod The Sims edited this mod so that Sims will not kiss romantically when greeting or saying goodbye, regardless of relationship. These two mods will conflict.

T Edit

Toddler Potty FixesEdit

Source: Simbology

This mod makes some changes to the Maxis toddler potties. It allows a maid to empty them, though it does not ensure that a maid will empty them. It also allows Sims to potty train a toddler even if the potty has not been emptied, and adds an environment penalty that increases the more a potty is used without being emptied.

W Edit

Welcome Wagon HacksEdit

Source: Simbology

These mods affect the "welcome wagon" greeting committee that appears when Sims move into a vacant residential lot outside of a college sub-neighborhood. One mod inserts a dialog which asks the player if the "welcome wagon" should come, while the other simply keeps the "welcome wagon" from appearing at all.

The Sims 3Edit

No IntroEdit

No Intro with Maxis logo
Mod no intro maxis

No Intro with Maxis logo is a small mod which stops the Maxis and regular intros in The Sims 3 from playing every time the player launches the game. It was created by Rick at ModTheSims.



Logo awesome sft gold

Main article: AwesomeMod

AwesomeMod is a core mod by J. M. Pescado which improves a wide variety of aspects of the game, while adding tons of features.

Users can pick and choose features, by using the AwesomeMod Configuration For Dummies!: an online tool which produces a package that must be placed alongside the main AwesomeMod one.


NRaas Industries ModsEdit

NRaas Industries mods
NRaas Industries

Main article: NRaas Industries

NRaas Industries is a website that is owned and operated by Twallan. He released many useful mods for The Sims 3, including MasterController, Overwatch, StoryProgression and many more.


brntwaffles' Lighting ModsEdit

brntwaffles' Lighting Mods
Burntwaffles Lightning

brntwaffles is a tumblelog that offers many different lightning mods, that change the game's atmosphere in various ways.


Moar InteractionsEdit

Moar Interactions
Moar Interactions

Moar Interactions is a compilation of interactions that are either entirely new or altered/fixed original interactions. The latter one is done by replacing the original interactions. This mod was made by Buzzler.


The Sims 4Edit

MC Command CenterEdit


This mod expands on story progression in The Sims 4 and also has useful tweaks such as autonomy settings and outfit cleaners.

Road To FameEdit


This mod introduces a celebrity status system similar to that of The Sims: Superstar and The Sims 3: Late Night, as well as several new NPCs and skills.

Andrew's Pose Player and Sim TeleporterEdit


Using these mods, players can make Sims pose and play animations for storytelling purposes.

Show/Search Sim Info ModEdit


Players can use this mod to view and print information relating to their Sims, such as family relations, hidden traits and more.

AOM Selectable Pets ModEdit


This mod allows players to select and directly control their pets.

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