This is a list of Sims who are only mentioned in The Sims series or are otherwise not eligible for their own article or infobox.

Sorted by surname.



List of minor SimsEdit


  • Alto, Ebenezer - Ebenezer Alto is the founder of Bridgeport, as noted in the neighborhood bio. He shares the same surname with Alto family, who apparently has a connection, although it's never explained in any way.


  • Barnes, Janet - Janet Barnes is an up-and-coming young Simlish actress mentioned in newspaper articles in The Sims 3, which report that she has recently won a national youth acting award for her performance in Romeo and Juliet. The article seems to imply that she may be a student at the local high school; however, she never appears in-game and is purely a lore character.
  • Bee, Nerissa - Nerissa Bee is the owner of Nerissa's own clothing store, a community lot introduced in The Sims 2: Open for Business, she's only mentioned in the description, and does not appear in the game itself.
  • Brassbeard, Captain - Captain Brassbeard is a pillager and plunderer mentioned in the description of various objects from the set "Buccaneer's Bounty" from The Sims 3 Store.


  • Lady Chloris
    Chloris, Lady - Lady Chloris is a Sim mentioned in the object descriptions "The Folly of Lady Chloris" and "Where The Green Fern Grows" from The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff. She was a lover and protector of nature, and according to items description, when she slept, her husband Zephyrus encircled her with follies as loving tribute. She repeatedly failed to find escape road and starve to death.
  • Copernicus Globe Sun Dial

    Copernicus Globe Sun Dial

    Copernicus - Copernicus is a Sim mentioned in the description of the "Copernicus Globe Sun Dial" object from The Sims 4: Get Together. Copernicus is most likely based off of the real life person Nicolaus Copernicus, who created the heliocentric theory.
  • Cordero, Juan - Juan Cordero is a poet mentioned in the description of the loveseat "El Cordero" from The Sims 3 Store.
Madre Cosecha statue

Statue of Madre found at Puerto Llamante Marketplace

  • Cosecha, Madre - Madre Cosecha is a Sim mentioned in the description of the "Statue of Madre Cosecha" object from The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure. According to the description, Madre founded Selvadorada and helped the people settle it during a time of great famine.
  • Crumplebottom, Robert - Robert Crumplebottom was a renowned philanthropist and puppeteer, as mentioned in Crumplebottom Memorial Park lot description in The Sims: Hot Date. It was mentioned in the description for the Crumplebottom Chandelier, a hanging light from The Sims: Vacation, that he died when the lamp dropped a full two stories upon him. The Prima official game guide stated that Robert was the late husband of Miss Crumplebottom (referred to erroneously as Mrs. Crumplebottom in the guide). However, The Sims 3 confirms that Miss Crumplebottom's late husband was named Erik Darling, creating a small plot inconsistency (unless Agnes married Robert later in life, only to be widowed again. Assuming Robert wasn't born a Crumplebottom or his kinship with Agnes being distant enough). It may be that canonically Robert Crumplebottom was in fact the husband of Mrs. Crumplebottom, a different character often confused with Miss Crumplebottom, who appeared in The Sims 2 Nightlife.


  • Driveway, Thomas - Thomas Driveway is mentioned in the description of driveways in The Sims 2: Nightlife. He was a grapefruit farmer who, in Sim lore, became the creator of the driveway when he paved part of his yard so he could safely use it for ripening fruit. Later Sims abandoned this practice, and discovered that Mr. Driveway's paved patches were ideal for parking cars.




Blackfyre Victorian Doll

  • Goth, Morgana - Morgana Goth is a Sim mentioned in the description of a stage prop in The Sims 3: Showtime. The prop is a gothic doll, rumored to be modeled after the Sim. It's said that Morgana's ethereal beauty drove men to the brink of insanity. Whether she has any relations with the Goth family is unknown.
  • Gulf, Craig - Craig Gulf is a Simlish film director mentioned in newspaper articles in The Sims 3. Based on the meaning of his surname and the contents of his movies (in an interview he mentions liking lots of car chases and explosions) he seems to be a parody of real-world film director Michael Bay. The interview mentions Gulf's interest in filming his latest picture in town; however, since he is a lore Sim, this never comes to pass in-game.


  • Harlow, Jane - Jane Harlow (née Foss) is a Sim mentioned in The Sims: Life Stories. She is the mother of Riley Harlow and the sister of Sharon Foss.
  • Classic Bollard

    Classic Bollard

    Henburstam IV - Henburstam IV is a king mentioned in the description of the "Classic Bollard" object from The Sims 4: Get Together. It is said that he installed these bollards and it's not possible to get them out.


  • Landgraab, Gregory - Gregory Landgraab is mentioned in a chance card of Adventurer career in The Sims 2: Seasons. He is a school teacher who seems to have mysteriously received a hefty sum of money. The player will decide to investigate it by asking Spencer Oswald, the Landgraab family accountant, or ask a gypsy. He shares the same name as Gregory Landgraab of Oasis Landing in The Sims 3: Into the Future.
  • Landgraab, Magnus - Magnus Landgraab is mentioned in a random work event at the top level of Criminal career (Thief branch) and Law Enforcement career. The event message implies that Magnus appears to be a diabolical criminal of SimNation.
  • Landgraab, Veronica - Veronica Landgraab is mentioned in Stephen's Story in The Sims Pet Stories. She appears to be a well-known fitness instructor, perhaps even one seen on the workout channel on TV. Stephen refers to the video as "an oldie but a goodie", suggesting that Veronica Landgraab may have been a member of an earlier generation. It is likely that she is a member of the Landgraab family dynasty, but exactly how she is related is not confirmed.
  • Lee, Laurie - Laurie Lee is the late wife of Johnstone Gilman, and mother of Vincent Gilman and Brooke Branson in The Sims 3: Pets for console. She is only mentioned in Brooke's biography. She does not appear to have taken the Johnstone surname.
  • Livorno, Stella - Stella Livorno, as mentioned in a painting from The Sims 2: Glamour Life Stuff, is said to be the secret love of Malcolm Landgraab I.
  • Moonlit Rose in the Garden

    Moonlit Rose in the Garden

    Lucine, Duchess - Duchess Lucine is a Sim mentioned in the description of the "Moonlit Rose in the Garden" object from The Sims 4: Vampires. She painted these roses in the 17th century and it's said she only painted by the moonlight. She also despised the sunlit paintings done by her peers.


  • MacGruder, James - James "The Coach" MacGruder is a controversial actor, who is described as "sleazy yet beloved" in a chance card of the Journalism career. He died of old age on the same day as Greg Orachi was fatally hit by a falling satellite.
  • 16th Century Monte Vista Globe Bar

    16th Century Monte Vista Globe Bar

    Marano, J - J. Marano is an artist mentioned in description of the "16th Century Monte Vista Globe Bar" object from The Sims 4: Vintage Glamour Stuff.
  • Triumphal Arch of Gluteus Maximus

    Triumphal Arch of Gluteus Maximus

    Fanciful Court

    Fanciful Court

    Maximus, Gluteus - Gluteus Maximus is a Sim, who according to the description of two decoration objects, "Triumphal Arch of Gluteus Maximus" and "Fountain of Gluteus Maximus" from The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff, won the battle against the armies of Hemoroydz. His name is a reference to a muscle, but is also meant to resemble names from the era of classical antiquity. Both items are part of the pre-made room "Fanciful Court", which is a kind of plaza decorated with pillars and statues.
  • Mallari, Miguel - Miguel Mallari is a Sim mentioned in the description of the sofa "Miguel Mallari Especiale" from The Sims 3 Store.
  • Moorington, Ms. - Ms. Moorington is the winner of the "Teacher of the Year" three years in a row. It seems that she bribed her students with candy and let them go wild in the classroom. The Sim who gets this chance card can either stop it or make it worse. When Ms. Moorington was busted by the teachers, they quickly took away her title as the "Teacher of the Year".
  • Shtooman Morgani (view 1)

    Shtooman Morgani.

    Morgani, Shtooman - Priest Shtooman Morgani is a mummy of blue priest from the tomb of Abu Simbel in Al Simhara. In the tomb he is mentioned as a generous priest that helps game mechanics. If he is moved in, there is an 80% chance that he will have the Disciplined trait and level 5-10 in the Martial Arts skill.


  • Napoleon - Napoleon is mentioned in the description of the Yankee Doodle Dining Chair object from The Sims 3. Napoleon is most likely based off of the real life person Napoleon, who was a famous French statesman and military leader
  • Newson, Gloria - Gloria Newson is the woman who adopted Gavin, Ginger, Georgia, Gallagher, Garrett, and Gabriella Newson from The Sims 2: Apartment Life in the Family Bin. She is only mentioned in Ginger's bio.
  • Necteaux, Jean - Jean Necteaux is the creator of Nectar. This is discovered when participating in the Chateau de Landgraab adventure, which involves Landgraab's Nectar papers, located in his library, sought by Elliot Saint James. The quote from adventure completion notice "I can prove without a doubt that Jean Necteaux created Nectar centuries ago."



  • Pedro, Don - Don Pedro is a wealthy Sim mentioned in the description of various objects from the set "Hacienda Luxury" from The Sims 3 Store.
  • Pollard, Dennis - Dennis Pollard is a mentioned Sim in The Sims: Life Stories and the father of Ashley Sinclair[confirmation needed]
  • Punchinello Theater Chandelier

    Punchinello Theatre Chandelier

    Punchinello, Patrick - Patrick Punchinello is a Sim mentioned in the description of the "Punchinello Theater Chandelier" object from The Sims 4: Vintage Glamour Stuff. He owned the Punchinello Theatre in downtown San Myshuno and it's said that he dreamed to give his business to his son, but became bankrupted when his son Peter failed to live to his legacy.
  • Punchinello, Peter - Peter Punchinello is the son of Patrick Punchinello and is mentioned in the same object description with his father.


  • Quizine, Zebest - Zebest Quizine is the rival of Julien Cooke from The Sims 2: FreeTime Family Bin. He is mentioned that he stole Julien's recipe to win the cooking contest. His name is a pun of "The best cuisine".

R Edit

  • Royales, Señorita - Señorita Royales is the mistress of Don Pedro mentioned in the description of the window "The Royales Window" from The Sims 3 Store.


  • Shin, Han - Han Shin was a Chinese artist whose painting "Eternal Life," can be purchased in The Sims 3: World Adventures. Han died an untimely death weeks after completing this painting which was extremely ironic, considering this painting was meant to symbolise eternal life.
  • Shins, Donnie - Donnie "Splinter" Shins is a Sim mentioned in the first episode ("It All Began") of The Sims 2 for Game Boy Advance. If the player enters Frankie Fusilli's basement, he will mistaken them to be Donnie and taunt them. If the player talks to him, he will ask the player to tell Donnie that he is "calling in a favour" if they see him.
  • Simlius, John - John Simlius is the president of Sims University. His signature appears on the result paper when Sims take an aptitude test or complete a semester. His signature is written in Roman alphabet, as opposed to Simlish alphabet.
  • Skye, Barnabas - Barnabas Skye was a scientist who lived in Myshuno Meadows in San Myshuno. He is only mentioned in the description of the neighborhood and on one of the historical plaques. It is said that his mansion burned down, and the only thing left was his observatory.
  • Spencer, Lydia - Lydia Spencer is the mother of Alice Spencer-Kim and the ex-wife of Dennis Kim. She is only mentioned in the Spencer-Kim-Lewis family bio, and does not actually appear in The Sims 4 with the rest of her family.
  • Sprocket, Jimmy - Jimmy Sprocket is a fictional Sim in a very popular series of books in The Sims 3 and expansions. He is very likely a parody of Harry Potter; indeed in Russian versions of the game his name is in fact a hypocristic of "Harry Potter" rather than "Jimmy Sprocket". He seems to be a public domain character in-universe, since books about his adventures are written by a number of different authors. To date, the following Jimmy Sprocket titles have been released:
  • Stiik, Nial - Nial Stiik is said to be the artist that designed the Galvanator Bookshelf in The Sims: House Party.


  • Tiani, Gatimu - Gatimu Tiani is the late husband of Tuula Tiani, a Sim from Wanmami Island. It's mentioned in the family biography that he died attempting to save a jaguar from drowning in the ocean.
  • Travelin' Joe - Travelin' Joe is a vendor at the espresso cart in The Sims: Unleashed. He cannot be interacted with.


  • Von-Windenburg´s Trap

    Von-Windenburg´s Trap

    Von-Windenburg, Otto - Otto Von-Windenburg was a leader of Windenburg, mentioned in the description of the "Von-Windenburg´s Trap" object from The Sims 4: Get Together. He cemented his legacy as one of the greatest and dumbest leaders of Windenburg, since he was unable to remove his fingers from a finger trap, despite the help from his scientists and advisors.


  • Wynneham, Rene - Rene Wynneham is a well-known Simlish actor and celebrity mentioned in newspaper articles in The Sims 3. According to the interview, he sometimes likes to visit popular local hangouts in order to connect with "real people". However, he is never actually seen in-game and exists purely as a lore character.


  • Zephyr - Zephyr is a husband of Lady Chloris, mentioned in the object description of "The Folly of Lady Chloris" from The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff. He encircled Lady Chrolis with the follies, which actually caused her starving to death as she failed to escape. It is said that he intended it as loving tribute.