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This is a list of half walls in The Sims 2.

Half wallsEdit

Object name Variation Price Description Game
One Complete Diner Enclosure in
One Complete Diner Enclosure
Black; Dark Wood; Medium Wood; True White §40 The One Complete Diner Enclosure compliments your diner-inclined life. Delimit the area where your customers sit and create ambience of exclusivity by leaving all non-diners outside.
Werknothom Half Wall in
Werknothom Half Wall
Black; Grey; White §200 Too much wall makes a room boxy. This is really just enough wall to define a boundary between a room and the rest of... uh... the room.
Half Centurion in
Half Centurion
Red; Blue; White §70 If a wall were to be halved (and indeed it must be so), how would one wish for it to be halved? Its construction must be inspired, its look marked with grandeur. It must be the Half Centurion -- short, stout and always resolute.
Nocturnal Rumors Half Wall in
Nocturnal Rumors Half Wall
Gossip; Blush; Wink; Whisper §80 (for Gossip, Blush & Wink); §1 (for Whisper) Conspiratorial chatting in the corner, suspicious tittering near the sofa, unabashed gushing near the ladies room... all of this subtle ambiance will come alive with the addition of the Nocturnal Rumors half wall. Architectural master F.Liberty Gibbet has used this wall in many of his lavish homes, claiming "My half walls are the perfect height for kneeling behind."
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