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Most Sims are unique in The Sims games, however, some Sims have parodies which the parody Sim will usually look like the original Sim or similar to the Sim. This article will show a list a Sims that have a parody Sim.

  • Sim: The original Sim.
  • Parody Sim: The Sim that is a parody Sim of the original Sim.
  • Town: The neighborhood that the parody Sim appears in.
Sim Parody Sim Town
Mortimer Goth Morty Roth Riverblossom Hills
Bella Goth Stella Roth Riverblossom Hills
Cassandra Goth Sandra Roth Riverblossom Hills
Alexander Goth Xander Roth Riverblossom Hills
Agnes Crumplebottom Agnes Seabottom Barnacle Bay
Agnes Crumplebottom Mrs. CrumpleBottom Downtown
Nina Caliente Patricia Wan Riverblossom Hills
Dina Caliente Cleo Shikibu Riverblossom Hills
Don Lothario Leod McGreggor Riverblossom Hills
Daniel Pleasant Danny Cordial Belladonna Cove
Mary-Sue Pleasant Barbara Cordial Belladonna Cove
Bob Newbie Bob Sim Tutorial
Betty Newbie Betty Sim Tutorial
Bob Newbie Bob Pancakes Willow Creek
Betty Newbie Eliza Pancakes Willow Creek
John Burb Timothy Riley Belladonna Cove
Angela Pleasant Samantha Cordial Belladonna Cove
Lilith Pleasant Kimberly Cordial Belladonna Cove
Juliette Capp Juliet Verona Barnacle Bay
Jeff Pleasant Jeffrey Cordial Belladonna Cove
Diane Pleasant Artemis Cordial Belladonna Cove
Herb Oldie Sage Passe Belladonna Cove
Coral Oldie Coralia Passe Belladonna Cove
Herb Oldie Herbert Goodie Magic
Coral Oldie Faith Goodie Magic

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