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This is a list of hammers in The Sims Medieval.

Craftable hammersEdit

These hammers can be crafted by a blacksmith.

Hammer Power Blacksmith level Ingredients
Cruddium HammerCruddium Hammer 1 1 5 cruddium
Ferrous HammerFerrous Hammer 2 1 2 cruddium, 5 ferrous
Steel HammerSteel Hammer 4 3 5 ferrous, 3 phosphorous
Watcher's HammerWatcher's Hammer 6 5 3 adamantle, 3 electrum, 4 mithral
AngelshammerAngelshammer 10 8 2 adamantle, 2 azurite, 3 mana stones, 5 mithral, 1 mystic metal fragment

Quest hammersEdit

These hammers are obtained through quests.

Hammer Power Require Ingredients
Crab Hammer

Crab Hammer

5 Crab Bandit quest 2 Electrum, 2 Ferrous, 2 Phosphorus, and 1 Small Chunk of Mineral

Hammer of the Mechanical Arts

9 Seven Mechanical Arts quest 7 Badges, 3 mithral
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