Sim lightning

A Sim struck by lightning.

Lightning is a weather phase in The Sims 2: Seasons during heavy storms. If a Sim is outside there is a possibility they will get hit. Lightning can also be attracted to a lightning conductor, like a hot tub or a hot spring. Sims soaking in one of these during a storm will be hit by lightning VERY frequently. It is also very likely that after getting hit while IN the hot tub, the Sim will also be struck by lightning as soon as they step OUT of the hot tub, resulting in near instant death.

Lighting can also hit trees or other objects placed outside, causing them to catch fire. If you call the fire department, usually they will give you a fine as the fire is generally out by the time they arrive. However, if lightning strikes a combustible object and other combustible objects are nearby, the fire may spread and require you to call the fire department to put it out.

For most Sims getting hit by lighting is a fear but for a knowledge Sim it is often a want.

In the patch for Seasons, Maxis made the lightning less deadly (it can still kill you, however).

Players can buy a lightning rod, which is found in the Decorative section of Buy mode. It can be placed on the ground or on a roof, and tends to attract lightning. If a lightning rod is present, lightning may still strike a tree, or a building, or a Sim, but it's more likely to strike the rod.

Player Tips

  • If you try to get your Sim hit by lightning to satisfy a want make sure their needs aren't low or your Sim may die by lightning.
  • Dont worry if a tree catches on fire, it will be put out by the rain.
  • Just because your sim's name is "Benjamin" doesn't mean you should fly a kite in a thunderstorm, especially with an evil kite. You can garuntee your sim will get struck.
  • Even though water is bad for a Servo, lightning increases its "Power" need, but its still not a good idea.
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