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Trait Light Sleeper
Light sleeper is a physical trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Heavy Sleeper trait and is first available at birth.

Light sleepers toss and turn throughout the night and are woken up by the slightest bump in the night.


  • Sim's sleep is a bit restless and easily disturbed.
  • Sim is like a burglar alarm! If a robber ever steps on the lot when while asleep, the Sim will be up in a flash.

Unlocked interactions

  • Can "Research Sleep" on computers (has no benefit.)

Player notes

  • Light sleepers receive the "Fully Rested" moodlet less often.
  • Light sleepers are easily awoken by music, Sims talking loudly, children crying and other noises.
    • A cell phone ringing or someone screaming while Inventing are exceptions to this.
  • Light sleepers will sometimes yawn, even if they're not tired.
  • This trait can be extremely useful in combating burglars, especially when combined with the Brave trait or non-Coward Sims working in the Law Enforcement career with the Can Apprehend Burglar hidden trait. The Light Sleeper will immediately get out of bed, wait for the burglar to reach the front door, and then fight the burglar off. Good Sims, however, cannot fight and must still rely on burglar alarms or the police; even with these traits.
  • Light sleepers always have the option to sleep at work or school much like their Heavy Sleeper counterparts, but over-doing it could harm their performance.

Sims that are light sleepers

Stiles McGraw, Judy Bunch, Topher Baker

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