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For the family library where players save their families in the edit town mode, see Family bin.

A library is a community lot and lot assignment in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 that allows Sims to read books, but not to bring them home.

The Sims 3[]

Libraries attract Sims with either the genius, bookworm, computer whiz, no sense of humor or hates the outdoors traits. Sims in the journalism career are encouraged to visit the lot. Sims that have the couch potato trait will be repelled. Libraries allow Sims to bring their toddlers to the lot.

Libraries contain all the books available in the home world, with the exception of recipes, bait guides, guitar compositions, and books from every destination. If a Sim writes a novel, then it will appear in the library once it is published. This may not apply to flops.[confirmation needed] Libraries also contain computers.

Libraries encourage Sims to build the writing skill. Sims with a writing skill of 3 or greater will receive an opportunity to donate books they have written to city hall, which will make them available in libraries. Sims are also encouraged to do their homework on the lot.

As a lot assignment, libraries provide Power Study moodlet:

Image Moodlet Name Mood Effect Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes Expansion
Power Study.png Power Study No Mood Effect - Library That quiet library atmosphere makes reading, studying, and working so much more efficient! This moodlet gives Sims a big boost to the speed of many tasks, including: Reading, studying, the Work From Home interaction, and skilling up from skill books.
TS3 Icon.png

Libraries generate the following dark blue map tag in-game:

Library Tag.jpg


The Sims 4[]

Libraries return in The Sims 4. They are a place for Sims to read books, play chess and use computers. Sims with the Genius trait will sometimes want to go to the library.


In "My Library"[]


  • There is no proper library in Aurora Skies. Instead, there's a community lot Lend and Learn Library, but it's assigned as No Visitors Allowed. It's probably a mistake by the developers.
  • The library in Sims University is a shell building. Even though there appears to be many doors on the building, only one is a valid entrance to the shell.
  • The library of Twinbrook seems to be missing skill books.