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{{Infobox Sim3
|name = Lexi Castle
|image = [[File:Lexi Castle.png|250px]]
|caption = Extremely bright and ambitious, Lexi has inherited more than a few quirks from her eccentric father. They cause some social awkwardness at school, but bind the family tighter together.
|sex = Female
|game = The Sims 3: Into the Future
|age = Teen
|career =
|careerlevel =
|trait1 = Bookworm
|trait2 = Virtuoso
|trait3 = Ambitious
|trait4 = Lucky
|trait5 =
|hiddentrait1 = Future Sim
|sign = Scorpio
|wish =
|music = Latin
|food = Sushi
|color = Yellow
|hair = Orange
|eye = Blue
|skin = Light
|body = Thin
|family = [[Castle family]]
|parents = [[Nathaniel Castle]]
|siblings =
|spouse =
|spouse =
|child =
|child =

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|spouse = |child = |household = Castle family |roommates = Vroombo |play = Future Resident |neighbor = Oasis Landing }} Lexi Castle is a pre-made future Sim living in Oasis Landing, from The Sims 3: Into the Future. She lives with her father Nathaniel, her grandmother Susan and the family Plumbot Vroombo. She is implied to be an extremely bright and ambitious Sim, and causes some social awkwardness at school, although they bind the family tighter together. She can be made playable by asking her to move in.

Lexi is friends with all of her family members. Like all pre-made Sims from Oasis Landing, she has the Future Sim hidden trait. She has mastered her Advanced Technology skill and has 4 skill points in Laser Rhythm-a-con.


Image Skill Level
Advanced Technology skill iconAdvanced Technology10
Laser Rhythm-a-con skill iconLaser Rhythm-a-con04
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