Lerner family
Lerner family
The Lerners' story is a classic one of a holiday tour ending in a life-altering shipwreck. Now that all of the luxuries they took for granted are a distant memory, they'll have to learn to survive with nothing but the clothes on their backs and whatever else they can find. The kids may have some difficulties, but their parents rather enjoy the peace and quiet.
Name Lerner family
Members Walter Lerner, Daniela Lerner, Nora Lerner, Danny Lerner
Number of generations 2 generations
Lot Lerner's Bluff
Other information
Game TSCS Icon The Sims Castaway Stories
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Wanmami Island

The Lerner family is a playable family of four Sims who were washed up on the shores of Wanmami Island in The Sims Castaway Stories. The family consists of a married couple, Walter and Daniela, and their two children.

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