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Le Cinema Plumbob
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Enjoy your favorite TV movies in a classier setting at the Le Cinema Plumbob! This theater is the height of style with its art deco themed furniture, intimate screening rooms, and balcony bar overlooking it all! Whether you're enjoying a favorite old time movie or just having a drink with some friends, Le Cinema Plumbob is definitely the place to be!
Lot type Community
Furnished lot value §355,608
Lot size 40x40
Number of floors 4
Game The Sims 3 Store
Official item ts3 Official item
Store item Store item

The Le Cinema Plumbob is a venue from The Sims 3 Store. It is featured alongside the Barrier-to-Entry System and the Large as Life Movie Screen premium content.

The venue consists of a large hallway containing the ticket machines, non-professional bars, and a large circular fountain. The hallway leads into two movie theaters, two bathrooms, an outdoor patio, and a cafe lounge. All rooms, excluding the bathrooms, have their access restricted by turnstiles or special doors. The theaters on the left and right side of the lot are restricted to Sims with blue and red tickets, respectively. The rooms behind the drink bars are not accessible to children. The patio is restricted to Sims with yellow tickets.

The second floor is only accessible to young adults and older who carry green tickets, which contains another cafe. The empty oval balcony above it is inaccessible.

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