Landgraab Mall
Located at the heart of the Downtown district, this center includes both open and closed-air food courts, shops, retail clothing chains and a token recreation area.

Landgraab Mall is a Downtown lot in The Sims: Hot Date. It is located at 26 Main Street.

As the name suggests, this is a mall, that is possibly owned by the wealthy Landgraab family. In this mall, there is a clothing store where Sims can buy every type of clothing for adults, except for Superstar High Fashion. In the House Party version, there will be a tiki themed restaurant, otherwise, it will just be a default Burger Clown diner.

Finally, there is a shop where Sims can buy magazines to boost their interests in different subjects. Sims can also buy gifts for other Sims in this shop. With Unleashed, the shop will also sell pet treats, some pet items, and fish. There isn't much to do outside apart from an ice-cream stand where Sims can get ice cream.

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