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For the trait in The Sims 3, see Kleptomaniac (The Sims 3).


Eliza Pancakes demonstrating the kleptomaniac trait.

Kleptomaniac is a lifestyle trait in The Sims 4 that was added in patch 30. It enables Sims to steal objects from community lots and other Sims' homes, either autonomously or through the player's input.

"These Sims don't mind "borrowing" things from others with a simple swipe, but will get Tense when they have not swiped anything in a while."


  • Kleptomaniacs gain a new interaction with every item they can possibly take, called "Attempt to Swipe."
  • The item must not be in their own home, and it must not be a building fixture (major appliances, counters, fireplaces, wall lamps, etc.). That said, which items can and cannot be swiped isn't entirely intuitive; an enormously heavy antique grand piano the size of a small car can be stuffed into a klepto's pocket, but a folding easel or a teapot cannot. All pieces of art can be swiped, even if they have no real physical form, such as a graffiti tag. A mirror mounted on a wall cannot be swiped, but a decorative panel mounted on a wall can be. All Sim-portable objects, from a dirty dish to the fantastically valuable Virtuoso Violin, can be swiped.
  • After swiping, the klepto gains an energized +1 moodlet named "Exhilarating Steal" which lasts from a couple to several hours, possibly based on the value/rarity of the item stolen. The item is then deposited into the klepto's household inventory.
  • Kleptos cannot swipe successfully if they are being observed, that is, if another Sim (even a baby) is in the room and conscious. They can still make the attempt, and if they're suffering from their "Need to Swipe!" Tension moodlet, they will attempt to steal things autonomously whether they're being watched or not. Failing to swipe due to being observed prevents the swipe from completing, typically angers the observer, and applies a "Caught in the Act!" embarrassment moodlet lasting somewhat longer than the successful energized version would have been for that same item. There does not appear to be any chance to fail an attempt to swipe if not observed; a $10,000 computer is as easily swiped as a stray lemon, so long as no one is watching either the computer or the lemon.
  • In either case, the klepto cannot swipe again until the moodlet from their previous swipe attempt wears off. If they want to steal something but the attempt interaction is greyed out, the klepto Sim is still under one of their swipe timers.
  • Examining a stolen item will reveal that it was stolen, and where it was stolen from, but this only appears to be a cosmetic consideration for the swiper's sentimental reminiscences, as the item can still be sold.
  • Kleptos will swipe objects while at work. It can be either be a pile of dirty dishes, books, or collectibles. Higher mischief skill will have more options for kleptos to swipe after returning from work.
  • In The Sims 4: Get Famous, all paparazzi generate with this trait.


Lilith Pleasant, Kyle Flynn, Miss Hell.

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