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Kent household
Kent household
Name Kent household
Members Kim Kent, Piper Hipp, Liam O'Dourke
Lot The House that Grant Built
Funds §81,996
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Playability Downloadable
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The Kent household was created by Grant Rodiek, assistant and producer of The Sims 3 and was featured in a promotional video before its release. The family consists of Kim Kent, Piper Hipp, and Liam O'Dourke. This household was not included in the final product, but they are available for download on this page from The Exchange.

Liam is featured in Hidden Springs, where he lives alone. The rest of the roommates are not featured in any neighborhoods like Liam.


Liam: Liam means determined guardian.
Kim: Kimberly means Ruler, probably ruler of the group, leader. This name was probably chosen as Kim is the supposed owner of the house.
Piper: Flute player; a young dove, particularly that of a dove or pigeon.



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