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*Kaylynn, if she did age in TS2, would be extremely close to becoming an elder (58 years old or so) and 50 years ago she was 8. Hey, Adult is the longest (in human years) lifespan. [[User:UBFunkaneer|UBFunkaneer]] 22:34, May 8, 2010 (UTC)
*Kaylynn, if she did age in TS2, would be extremely close to becoming an elder (58 years old or so) and 50 years ago she was 8. Hey, Adult is the longest (in human years) lifespan. [[User:UBFunkaneer|UBFunkaneer]] 22:34, May 8, 2010 (UTC)
*I don't have the sims 3 but i think just before it was made, Kaylynn drank Elixir of Life, and became an Elder because it backfired. Then Maxis changed her into a child for the sims 3.
*I don't have the sims 3 but i think just before it was made, Kaylynn drank Elixir of Life, and became an Elder because it backfired. Then Maxis changed her into a child for the sims 3.
*If you go into Options, then Game Options, you can choose how long your Sims will live (if not killed by anything besides old age) and there iis Epic life (960 days). I thinkk they may want you to use that and testingcheatsenabled aaswell to fit in with The Sims 2. Odd. TDM : Always here to help but only one thing : Call me Data 08:01, June 1, 2010 (UTC)
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Kaylynn Langerak is in The Sims 3 as a child older than Mortimer Goth and Bella Bachelor. Kaylynn can't be in the Sims 3 because in The Sims 2 she is an adult, about as old as Cassandra Goth. Cassandra Goth was a child in The Sims, so Kaylynn would have been a child in The Sims also. The Sims 3 takes place about 20 years before The Sims, so Kaylynn wouldn't have been born yet. How could Kaylynn be an adult in The Sims 2, but a child in The Sims 3. Post your theories below.


  • I have a few theories: 1) She got hold of the elixir of life. 2) She had a child or grandchild that was given the same name as her. 3) Time travel. As a young adult, Don Lothario traveled back in time as a young adult to the Sims 3. Maybe she traveled forward in time.
  • In my ts3 game Kaylynn had a baby but didn't marry the father and died the day it was born. So the kid was named Kaylynn Langerak too and became the maid in ts2.
  • In my game, i aged her down into a toddler with the use of mods so she would be an adult by the time of the sims 2 storyline. 23:05, April 15, 2010 (UTC)
  • My theory is that Kaylynn on the sims 3 was a family woman but her oldest daughter, also named Kaylynn, is the sims 2 Kaylynn Langerak, as Kaylynn I had her before her marriage(that makes the child have their mother's surname). As we all know, sims 2 Kaylynn has the family aspiration, so maybe all her home-wrecking/flirting was just her trying to find the perfect man for her.Simslover66 12:50, April 12, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think Kaylynn Langerak on the Sims 3 is the orignial Kaylynn Langerak, whilst the one on Sims 2 is a younger family memeber. Pherps named after her and got the housekeeping trait.
  • I think, the Pleasants' lived in Old Country or Sim City at the time of TS3 and she met Daniel when they were both adults and used the Elixir of Life to stay young to be attracted to him. OR: The Pleasants' were Jeff, Kynda and Les who lived far away, perhaps Old Country and when Kaylynn and Daniel met, she had used many Elixir of Lifes to stay young and keep her "well paid" job. then she got hired by the Pleasant Family and viola! She met Daniel, fell in love with him, etc., etc. And, BTW, her facial structure is the same in TS3 as in TS2 just different eyes. Plus, she could've been wearing "contacts" that change her eye color as a child =/ Just my explaination. ^_^ Feel free to marvel in resonable explainations! Seriously. =|
  • Kaylynn Langerak could be the same person in the Sims 3/2 as the Elixir of Life could've worked on her, but failed on Mortimer Goth (I heard this rumour elsewhere). Remember, Bella Goth isin't an elder in the sims 2.
  • i think this Kaylynn she the other Kaylynn's grandmother or mother.
  • The Sims 3 Kaylynn is the mother of the Kaylynn in Sims 2. Maybe the Sims 3 Kaylynn became self-centered and thought Kaylynn was the best name in the world, so she gave her daughter the same name. Or, Sims 3 Kaylynn died giving birth to Sims 2 Kaylynn, and Iliana and Dustin named their granddaughter in her honor.
  • I believe that, in Sims 2, she is the same age that Don, and not almost an elder. Why? Because, if Daniel is almost an elder and is cheating on his wife, why would he cheat on her with another woman who is about their same age? He looked for a way younger lover, and he found Kaylynn. In Sims 3, the creators wanted to make Kaylynn's parents, and make the player have Kaylynn, but they were not sure if they will know they were Kaylynn parents, etc. So they made her as a child, not wisely. Or, Sims 2 Kaylynn is the daughter of one of the Sims 3 Langeraks; she may be the illegitimate daughter of Sims 3 Kaylynn, the daughter of Parker or the adoptive daughter of Dustin and Iliana, which was adopted when they were almost dying; the original Kaylynn was dead and they named the adopted child in her honour; that could also explain why Sims 2 Kaylynn has green eyes and Sims 3 one has brown ones. The adoptive Kaylynn soon was orphan, and she grew up in a foster house, but her new parents didn't told her who her parents were, though she knew she was adoptive (she has a different surname than them). And that was it.
  •  This is what really happened: If you go on the sims 2 website and on the bella interview, you will see that bella said the Mortimer had made the life elixer and dranked it. Then it back fired and he became an elder. So that's why bella's still young. And yes, once you become a maid you don't age intill your become a real player. So that's why she's younger in the sims 2 and the sims 3 she's older! Because she's an actual player. But then she became a maid, so you stop aging and once your a player your whole adult state starts over. THIS IS NO THEORY!!!!! IT'S THE TRUTH!!!!
  • I think she died between The Sims 3 and 1. Shortly before The Sims 2, she came back to life!
  • The Sims 3 is pretty much a remix. So don't count on all the stories.
  • But Kaylinn appears in sims 2 and 3, but not in The Sims. it happens in the 3,1,2 order
  • But you know, old people are maids so she might have been Bella Goth's age, but since she's an NPC, the TS2 creators didn't make here family aotnd the creators don't expect you to make Kaylynn a friend and she's only there to clean your house. The game has no time to age NPC's, unless you make her selectable.
  • Kaylynn is technially an NPC in the Sims 2. She will not age a day until you make her playable.T
  • ims 2 and the one from the Sims 3 are the same, it's just that the creators of the Sims 3 said that we could set how long will be the toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult and elder stage. In the Sims 2, Mortimer is an elder and Kaylynn an adult so I think that in the Sims 3, the life stages of Mortimer Goth are shorter than Kaylynn ones. In any case, it's really confusing.
  • Well, she can be a toddler.
  • I think The Sims 3's Kaylynn Langerak is acctually The Sims 2's Kaylynn Langerak's mother. She could have been an illegitimate child. Shortly after she was born, her mother could have died. Donyelle could have had to raise her sister's baby and named her Kaylynn Langerak, after her mother. Random Ranaun 01:26, 1 April 2009 (UTC)
  • It's a video game it's not supposed to make sense.......Don't belive me look at all the sims 2 life state
  • She could have died and been resurrected or amybe she drank a magic potion or something.
  • MAIDS DON'T AGE UNTIL YOU MAKETHEM PLAYABLE                   is there an easier explanation?
  • This is something that confused me as well. I think she was meant to be older than them in TS2, but the fact that she was a townie and technically "doesn't age" has to do with it. Just my take on it. It's also strange that she's now older than Daniel Pleasant, whereas if you did have them move in together in TS2, he is WAY older than her. Mattlovesthesims 02:22, 2 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Yeah her age in the Sims 3 confused me too. In the Sims 3 you can set different lengths of a sims life so maybe she had a longer one that the average sim (?). Its a possibility.Matta jr 12:05, 19 April 2009 (UTC)
  • I think the theory that Kaylynn, Daniel and Jennifer in The Sims 3 is impossible. How can Daniel be an adult in The Sims 2 and a toddler in The Sims 3. Then that means Daniel and Kaylynn are middle-aged. Unconfirmed info should be discussed first. And why don't we all wait patiently for The Sims 3 so we can confirm this theory is real or not.
  • Daniel is near to elder in Sims 2 so it is logical, However the theory on both Kaylynn and Jennifer is left unanswer yet. Thought that Jennifer was same age as John or younger.
  • You know what would confused me if Jeff was a child in the sims 3. It would make any sense and Daniel but in The Sims 1 it she they were new to the neighborhood so maybe the pleasants arent't in the game.
  • I think that Kaylynn was born in 1957 and is therefore 5 in Sims 3 (set in 1962). This would mean that at the start of the Sims 2 (2004) she would be 47 which is still an adult. I however don't believe that she is older then Mortimor, who I consider to be born in 1951 and therefore 11 in Sims 3 and 53 in Sims 2. I believe that it was just a blooper on the creator's part.
  • Its possibly Daniel is a toddler in the Sims 3 because maybe he was supposed to be a teen in The Sims 1 but there was no teen stage.
  • Look,from my research...Bella stated (well Maxis stated) that the reason why Mortimer is an elder its because Mortimer worked too hard as you can see he had a lot of promotions. Stating Kayllyn looks young but she is older than Mortimer.As for Bella, other people are saying that Bella is younger than Kaylynn because she was a NPC that is true but they are talking about the Strangetown Bella not the Pleasantview Bella.Since the Pleasantview Bella is for sure near elder stage people would say that Bella is older than Kaylynn but Kaylynn is a NPC so therfore cannot age.As for Daniel Pleasant...He must have been in another country or town when Kaylynn was in Sunset Valley and just like Mortimer, he must have worked too hard.

Logically, she is suppose to be near elder life state in the Sims 2, but since she is an NPC, she wouldn't age.--Bella Goth 20:50, 27 April 2009 (UTC)Bella Goth

  • I think that since Daniel was on his 3 or 4 days till elder that it would make sense if he was a toddler but a late toddler. If Kaylynn is a townie in the Sims 2 then no matter what if she moves in she'll be on her first day as an adult, but i think she's really on her last day as an adult. So she can be a child but she would be an early child.
  • I think this is obvious! Well not really, but isn't Morty who invented Elixir of Life, and in Sims 3 she has crush on Morty? So! Put these two toghether, and voila! Kaylyyn used Morty's elixir to become young again! --BigOz 15:53, 2 May 2009 (UTC)
  • There are lots of unbelievable things in Sims 3.For example,in sims 2 Michael Bachelor is elder and dead whereas Bella is an adult smaller than her daughter.But in Sims 3 Bella is a child when her mother pregnant with Michael.Also Jeniffer Pleasant-Burb(my favourite Sim from women)will be borned whereas her husband's parents are teens(!).As for Kaylynn I believe that if she was playable character in Sims 2 she won't have lots of days before she become elder.
  • I'm unsure whether it's in TS3 but Elixir of Life anyone. It seems to me to be the most likely solution to this problem
  • Ooooookay... prepare for the crazy story. Kaylynn and Daniel are still in the same generation. Daniel's life goes how it does in Sims 2. Kaylynn, however... when she grows up, she ends up having one or two illegitimate children, whose father dies. She needs to support them because her father recently left the entire family fortune to Donyelle. So she starts working as a maid, and accepts Daniel's romantic advances as a way to get him to tip her more, so that she can support her children. Pretty crazy, seeing as Kaylynn has no family in Sims 2, but it would work...
  • I think Maxis give a real big mystery just like the mystery with Bella Goth either that or Maxis is giving us a huge brain teaser.
  • In TS2, the exact age of NPCs is unspecified. For all we know, she coul be a few days from being an elder, but, being an NPC, Kaylynn's age is reset to 29 days.
  • I actually think the main story at the top makes the most sense. Kaylynn was an adult and Mortimer was an elder in the sims 2. They wouldnt be together in the sims 3. Just dosen't work out, unless one of the above stated theories, that weren't stories, happen to be true, and I even doubt that.
  • I think that, since she had a crush on Mortimer, she was asked to help test the Elixer of Life, which was successful and it kept her young and beautful for her 3 men.
  • I think everyone is being to picky! I mean, it is just a game! Besides, I love the fact that everyone is younger again, now i can make their stories how I want them to be! So stop complaining!
  • I think [and i think it is right] that mortimer and kaylynn could have dated in their teens and kaylynn got to test the potion, and it worked, however mortimer and kaylynn split up [she could have been using him for the potion?]
  • OFFICAL EA RESPONSE: Kaylynn Langerak's mother, Taresa was killed early on, Kaylynn was depressed until her late teens. Mortimer was a very unpopular child and Kaylynn found lust with him, they soon became friends and dated.

Mortimer was trying to be immortal, Kaylynn knew this, when Mortimer created the final potion Kaylynn stole it, and drank it all.. thus making her into a baby to be handed into the orpahnage.

  • To me, there's got to be ANOTHER person named Kaylynn Langerak. One is in sims 2 as a maid. The other one is in sims 3, but not in sims 2. I think that, because the sims 3 kaylynn is flirty, but the sims 2 kaylynn has a family aspiration. Being Flirty, and having a Family are complete opposites. So, that's my theory. from Jktee51192

It is strange, because in the sims 3 she is older then Mortimer (and Bella), but then in the Sims 2 Kaylynn is only an adult and Mortimer is an elder.

  • In the Sims 2 I created the adopted parents of Kaylynn. I therefore choose to believe that she drank the exilar of life and was turned back into a baby before being adopted as her real family believed that she had died.
  • Isn't it obvious? As a maid in Sims 2 she had full cooking skill so before the events of sims 2 started she made Ambrosia with her maximised cooking skill to become younger. Simple as.
  • The theory on the elixir of life could be quite a possible solution.. in the process of creating the elixir... Mortimer could have tested the elixir on himself and it aged him a lil in the process making him older then Bella and Kaylynn in the Sims 2. Possibilty?
  • It could have been the magic of science that keepet her young for a long time. She may have fallen into suspended animation for the time during Sims 1 and woke up as the same age she was when she fell asleep. She may have sleepet as long as 25 years. Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella and Belle sleepet for ten years in the Kingdom Hearts series: Kaylynn would have als fell into a slumber.
  • I like to think that the one in sims 3, is sims 2's aunt. I created a little story in my head when I got sims 3 about them. Kaylynn and he brother, Parker, are best friends, and then, when Kaylynn becomes a teen she dies in a car accident (I killed her with fire though) because no one follows the speed limit there! Parker was so upset about it, but he met a woman with green eyes, they got married and had three kids, two boys and one girl. The girl was named, Kaylynn Lanerak. That is what I think could've happened.
  • Kaylynn langerak (from my play) she had drowned in her backyard pool as a young adult and later ressurected by the keatons (whom i ressurected alot of ghosts) and she moved back in with parker (who was an elder) shortly after Zelda Mae Died, thus making her younger due to her short despise. Mortimer is on his last days as adult by now
  • She took the Elixr of Life and de-aged?
  • It's simple.Kaylynn used to love 2 things;cleaningness and youth.When she bought the elixir of life to stay young she lost all her money but she weren't concerned because she will do the job she loves Sim fan until death 19:19, September 10, 2009 (UTC)
  • I think that the Sims 3 Kaylynn Langerek is the mother of the Sims 2 Kaylynn Langerek.
  • Is it even the same Kaylynn? Maybe the TS3 Kaylynn is an ancestor is the TS2 Kaylynn. Or maybe they are just two completely different people who randomly have the same name and surname.
  • I have two theories. 1) The elixer of life, duh! 2) All NPCs are given a special power (ex. Social Workers have blue puffs of smoke to magically take away children) and maids have infinite life to keep clean forever.
  • I think EA were just too lazy and uncreative, so they made Kaylynn Langerak and family, and by the time they realized their mistake and about 200 other bugs The Sims 3 had already hit the shelves. Leaving people like Pescado to have to try and deal with them.
  • Two theories: 1. Elixir of Life. 2. EA is lazy sometimes.
  • I have three theories: 1. EA was just lazy. They made a mistake. 2. Kaylynn Langerak in TS3 is actually the mother of Kaylynn Langerak in the other games, though TS2 and TS3 Kaylynn are very similar. 3. Elixir of Life. Obviously.
  • My three theories are 1. Elixir of life like they said above. 2. She made a wish on a Genie lamp to be young again and which manys that Don and Daniel where real making out with an old lady. 3. iIt could be thats not really her but an aunt and It could be that her brother Parker Langerak might have had a daughter that him or his future wife must have named her after his little sister because they must liked the name.
  • I have a 2 theories.1 is that maybe this is not the original Kaylynn, or mabye has nothing to do with Kaylynn from the sims 2 and maybe her mum went to a get a scan when she was pregnant with Parker to see the gender.The Nurse's name was Kaylynn Langerak which could have been a coincidence and Parker was a boy but his mum wanted a girl so when she had Kaylynn she decided to name her after the nurse.2 is that in the sims 2, the beaker family in strangetown cloned Nervous subject but they wanted to make a wife.they went to pleasantview and found a maid(kaylynn) and decided to clone her because she had the same sign and aspiration as nervous.the car broke down so the took kaylyyn to the broken spacship and using they're smartness and loki's knowledge the fix it and dumped kaylynn at the goth mansionbroght back bella goth by accident. Then they used kaylynn's clone as an experiment for a time machine because nervous was ill.Kaylyyn decide to stay in the past but she was a kid again so she went to live with her parents brother and her aunt zelda.
  • The Kaylynn from the sims 3 could have had a daughter of her namesake which was the kaylynn from the sims 2. It would make sice becuase the sims 3 Kaylynn would have been an adult in the Sims 1 and TS2 Kaylynn would be a child like Cassandra. In the sims 2 her mother would have most likely died and Kalynn would be the adult that was known in TS2.
  • She Might Have Strangetown Heritage Making Her Age Strange Compared To Other Sims
  • Guys, EA has already said what truly happened: Kaylynn and Mortimer were friends, and when he showed her his elixir, she secretly drank it up making her young again.
  • Duh! They're Different People. The Sims 2 Kaylynn Was A Family Sim And The Sims 3 Kaylynn Is A Grilled Cheese Sim.
  • She Became Addicted To Ambrosia Which Made Her Live A Very Long Life
  • Her father was a secret scientist that created a potion that would make you never age. He slipped some into Kaylyn's soup in sims 3. It worked util she was the age of a young adult, barely out of college when one of the one of the Beakers (in strangetown) sent a love potion to a friend, but the mail got mixed up and sent to Kaylyn instead. Not knowing what it was, she drank it. Her age potion wore off and she quickly aged into the young adult she was supposed to be. When Don Lothario heard that there was a new girl in town, he quickly headed over to her house. When she opened the door, the love potion made Don fall in love with her. Don told his friend, Daniel Pleasent, about a new maid (he knew that Dan and Mary-Sue had a house way to big to clean by themselfs) Dan hired her and the love potion kicked in again. That's what I think.
  • I think the one above is true!
  • I think that each of the Langerak kids married into the Alto and Langraab familes. When Kaylynn married Malcom, she took his name. And when Dustin married Holly she took his name. So when the altos lost their status (when they lost the towns favortism) they lost all their money. So Dustin and Holly's baby girl grew up, she didnt have any money and had to be a maid. ~ mdboi789 ~
  • I Think EA is playing tricks with us again and she is an NPC in the sims 2, i think that NPC don't age untill they join a family
  • Probably the one appearing in Sims 3 was TS2 Kaylynn's mother.
  • I think the Kaylynn's are the same but the one is TS3 used the Ambrosia once and reset her age thing and was able to stay young eough for her role in TS2 and got busy with Don and Daniel *** and *** plus Public***
  • The people making the Sims 3 made a mistake . Simple! They wanted to have Kaylynne tidying up after her parents so she couldn't be a baby or toddler so she is a child :-)
  • I-DI-OTS, its the same person, but she somehow got frozen, causing her eyes to dry out, so when they found her a few years later, they had to give her new eyes, hence the color change. again I say, I-DI-OTS!
  • At the moment i am creating a town called "Open-Plain" in the sims 2 it is basically what was left of Sunset Valley after the Goths moved to a new town over the hills ( this will become Old Town and Pleasantview) Many of the sims 3 families will be present somehow like the Alto's the Keaton's, the Wolff's, the Landgraabs and the Langerak's. I t will be the same time period as Pleasantview, so Parker will be an elder near death and has just lost his wife Bebe Langerak (nee' Hart) they have had 1 son called William who is an Adult and he is married to Theresa Langerak ( nee' Andrews, daughter of Beu and Victoria)and they have a daughter called Kennedy who is a Teen. Parker is living alonr in an apartment next to his son's family and his family bio reads "Parker has had a rocky life, his Auntie destroyed his family when he was young and his sister disappeared, only his wife kep him going, how will he cope in his last few days without her..." my story for Kaylynn was that when she became a young adult she dated Malcolm Landgraab who had just started a Business Career, as he gets more and more money he changes his traits from good to evil via Midlife crisis, his mad scientist father is testing a new teleportation machine, Kaylynn is lured onto it and teleported forward into time, and is never thought of again. Gunther then took the machine back to old town and locked it away, upon his death his son mortimer went and found the machine and left it locked away. When mortimer had died his daughter Cassandra found the machine and got her little brother to make it more up to date, it was built to send one sim to the past and add 10 years onto their life, making them younger. Cassandra got with her best friend Mary-sue and her 2 new aquaitances Nina and Dina Caliente and set the machine at Don's house to catch Kaylynn the Slut of Pleasantview, however when she walked in with Don in arms, the machine brought back Kaylynns memories and she quickly pushed Don into it before the other girls could do with her, then machine then shut down as all 5 girls did an evil laugh. After that its is Unknown what happened to Kaylynn and the other girls, but Don ended up in Riverview 50 years before...
  • If you haven't noticed, appearance of Skip doesn't make sense too in Sims 3 as his parents would be more likely adults or teens during the timeline of Sims 3. Though the Riverview's timeline COULD be 10 years later after events of Sunset Valley, which means if this is true, appearance of Skip and Kaylynn makes sense after all. Whitecat2 14:01, March 17, 2010 (UTC)
  • Kaylynn does not age, cause she is an NPC in TS2. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Metalhead-666 (talkcontribs) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • elixir of life? hello?
  • I think something about time travel kinda like don and riverview??? there seems to be a lot of time travel references like Alexander goth writing a book and he isn't even born
  • Kaylynn, if she did age in TS2, would be extremely close to becoming an elder (58 years old or so) and 50 years ago she was 8. Hey, Adult is the longest (in human years) lifespan. UBFunkaneer 22:34, May 8, 2010 (UTC)
  • I don't have the sims 3 but i think just before it was made, Kaylynn drank Elixir of Life, and became an Elder because it backfired. Then Maxis changed her into a child for the sims 3.
  • If you go into Options, then Game Options, you can choose how long your Sims will live (if not killed by anything besides old age) and there iis Epic life (960 days). I thinkk they may want you to use that and testingcheatsenabled aaswell to fit in with The Sims 2. Odd. TDM : Always here to help but only one thing : Call me Data 08:01, June 1, 2010 (UTC)
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