For generations, Tara’s family has always felt a special link with the feline species. Now Tara happily lives with the two cats left to her by her mother and one of her own. How do her cats feel about the newest addition to their family?
Members Ginia Kat (The Sims: Unleashed)

Tara Kat (The Sims 2: Pets)

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Neighborhood [[Old Town now Pleasantview]]

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The Kats sure love cats...

TheKat Family is a premade family that can be found in The Sims: Unleashed and in the occupied Lots and Houses Bin that came with the Pets expansion pack of The Sims 2. The Kat family, like it's name, is attached to the feline species. Ginia Kat is an elder who lives alone in the original Sims game. She is kept company by her cats Waggles, Boots, Scout, and Maggie. Her daughter, Tara Kat , who is not featured in the first game is found in the second game, also lives alone and is kept company by cats. Hers include the adult cats Mickey and Samantha, who was left by her mother, which means that they were born when Ginia was still alive. Once her lot is placed it starts off with her adopting a new kitten, Faline , and worrying how her other two cats will react.


"Kat" as in cat. Kat is the correct way of spelling cat in Danish and Dutch.

Tara Kat -- Meaning "Star", "Goddess of the Sea", "Shining," "Stone of Destiny," or "A hill where Kings met".

Ginia Kat (Tara's mother) -- Ginia, short for Virginia, refers to Elizabeth the I, the "Virgin Queen" and its meaning is "Maiden". Ginia is also a Spanish variant of Virginia.

'Waggles Kat -- Meaning "To move with short, quick motions".

Boots Kat -- Meaning "Protective footwear".

Scout Kat -- Meaning "To Listen".

Maggie Kat -- Maggie, short for Megan, meaning "Pearl".

Mickey Kat -- Mickey, short for Michael or Mike, meaning "Who resembles God".

Samantha Kat -- Meaning "God heard," or "Flower".

Faline Kat -- Meaning "Like a cat" or "Deer".

Family tree

Kat Family Tree


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