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{{Infobox Sim2
|name= Karan Patel
|name = Karan Patel
|image= [[File:Karan Patel.jpg|235px]]
|image = [[File:Karan Patel.jpg|250px]]
|sex= Male
|sex = Male
|age= Elder
|game = The Sims 2: Apartment Life
|sign= Cancer
|age = Elder
|asp= Romance
|asp = Romance
|family= [[Patel Family]]
|sign = Cancer
|parents= {{Relative|[[Gidia Patel]], [[Priya Patel]]|Both Deceased}}
|want = Become Celebrity Chef
|spouse= {{Spouse|[[Keesa Patel]]|Deceased}} [[File:Married.jpg|Married]]
|turnon1 = Swim Wear
|child= [[Ramir Patel]]
|turnon2 = Hard Worker
|play= Deceased
|turnoff = Charismatic
|neighbor= Belladonna Cove
|state = Ghost
|hair = Grey
{{DEFAULTSORT:Patel, Karan}}
|eye = Brown
'''Karan Patel''' is the deceased father of [[Ramir Patel]], who is married to [[Ana Patel]]. He was married to his wife [[Keesa Patel]]. Not much is known about him since he is deceased at the start of the game. According to Ramir's memories, he died just after he and Ana got engaged.
|skin = Medium
|body = Thin
|family = [[Patel family]]
|parents = {{Relative|[[Gidia Patel]], [[Priya Patel]]|Both Deceased}}
|spouse = {{Spouse|[[Keesa Patel]]|Wife}} [[File:Deceased.png|16px|Deceased]]
|maritalstatus = Married
|child = {{Relative|[[Ramir Patel]]|Son}}
|play = Deceased
|neighbor = Belladonna Cove
}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Patel, Karan}}
'''Karan Patel''' is one of the pre-made deceased ancestral [[Sim]]s who resided during his lifetime in [[Belladonna Cove]], the [[neighborhood]] shipped with ''[[The Sims 2: Apartment Life]]''. He was the son of [[Gidia Patel|Gidia]] and [[Priya Patel]], the husband of [[Keesa Patel]] {{nee|Sumanth}}, the father of [[Ramir Patel]], and the grandfather of his son's [[Unborn baby Patel|unborn child]]. Karan is completely resurrectable, even though he doesn't have a grave.
He has the [[Romance]] [[Aspiration (The Sims 2)|aspiration]], and the [[Cancer]] [[zodiac sign]]. As far as [[personality]], Karan is somewhat neat, active, and nice. But he is quite shy and somewhat serious. According to Karan's SimDNA in [[Package editor#SimPE|SimPE]], his hair was black before it turned grey. According to his age data, he had 20 days left in the [[elder]] [[life stage]] when he died.
Karan uses the 3rd Maxis face template in [[Create a Sim]], except the eyes and nose which use the 14th face template. Also the jaw is shorter than on the default face. However the jaw is only shorter on [[teen]]age, [[adult]] and elder males, which may mean that the jaw was genetically passed down, as this oddity generally only occurs on Sims whose facial features were genetically passed down.
Karan's SimDNA in [[Package editor#SimPE|SimPE]] shows that his recessive alleles are for blond hair and dark blue eyes. Unlike several other married ancestors from ''Apartment Life'' who have [[memories]] of their spouses, he only has [[Mystery Sim]] memories. However Karan still has memories of Ramir's birth, as well as him getting engaged and [[marriage|married]]. According to Ramir's memories, he died just after Ramir and [[Ana Patel]] got engaged.
|sign = Cancer
|neat = 6
|outgoing = 3
|active = 6
|playful = 4
|nice = 6}}
|environment = 3
|food = 5
|weather = 3
|culture = 1
|money = 2
|politics = 9
|paranormal = 2
|health = 8
|fashion = 7
|travel = 7
|crime = 4
|sports = 5
|entertainment = 5
|animals = 0
|work = 5
|school = 4
|toys = 4
|scifi = 4}}
{|class="wikitable heading-blue"
|[[File:Met -Sim-.png]]
|Met [[Mystery Sim]]
|[[File:Became Best Friends with -Sim-.png]]
|Made Best Friends with Mystery Sim
|[[File:Had Very First Kiss with -Sim-.png]]
|Had Very First Kiss with Mystery Sim
|[[File:Had Very First Kiss with -Sim-.png]]
|Kissed Mystery Sim for the First Time
|[[File:Fell in Love with -Sim-.png]]
|Fell in Love with Mystery Sim
|[[File:Did WooHoo with -Sim-.png]]
|Did [[WooHoo]] with Mystery Sim
|[[File:Had -Sim-.png]]
|Had [[Ramir Patel|Ramir]]!
|[[File:-Sim- Got Engaged.png]]
|Ramir Got Engaged
|[[File:-Sim- Got Married.png]]
|Ramir Got [[Marriage|Married]]
Nthumbnail ca7a759b 0a7a75b6.jpg|Karan in-game
{{Patel family}}
[[fr:Karan Patelle]]
[[pl:Ewa Wycior]]
[[Category:Sims with medium-length hair]]
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