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Juan's Pick 'n Pull
A Junkyard.

The junkyard is a new kind of lot assignment in The Sims 3: Ambitions.

There are two possible junkyard assignments, simply 'Junkyard', or otherwise 'Junkyard with no visitors'.

Sims skilling up in the Inventing skill can collect scrap for their inventions, either by digging through junk piles or by detonating objects. Sims can also salvage regularly spawning burnt and broken objects. SimBots can also eat scrap at the junkyard.


Juan's Pick 'n PullEdit

Juan's Pick 'n Pull
Juan's Pick 'n Pull
Juan's Pick 'n Pull in Twinbrook.

Juan's Pick 'n Pull is one of the two default junkyards for Twinbrook. The name of the lot suggests that it is owned by Juan Darer, but he does not own the lot officially. It may refer to the fact that Lacy Darer has her grave stone on the lot. She died in a fire, presumably the fire that destroyed Juan's home.

Bayless Memorial JunkyardEdit

Bayless Memorial Junkyard
Bayless Memorial Junkyard in Twinbrook.

Bayless Memorial Junkyard is one of the two default junkyards for Twinbrook. The name of the lot suggests it is closely connected to the Bayless family who live in the swamps.

Appaloosa PlainsEdit

Pick 'n Pull JunkyardEdit

Pick 'n Pull Junkyard
Pick 'n Pull Junkyard
Pick 'n Pull Junkyard in Appaloosa Plains.

Pick 'n Pull Junkyard is the default junkyard in Appaloosa Plains if Pets is installed.

Lot binEdit

Grady's JunkstopEdit

Grady's Junkstop
Grady's Junkstop
Grady's Junkstop in the community lot bin.

Grady's Junkstop is automatically placed in the player's lot bin when Ambitions is installed. It will be the default junkyard that will be placed in most neighborhoods, except Twinbrook and Appaloosa Plains.

Obtainable scrap PilesEdit

If you put a Kleptomaniac Sim in a scrap yard there is a chance they will steal one of the scrap piles. You can then find it in your family inventory and place it on your home lot.
Missing scrap pile

One of the scrap piles is gone after the kleptomaniac stole it

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