Jones family
Jones Family PS
Thomas has secretly been in love with Alice for years, but he is too shy to let her know his true feelings. When Alice unexpectedly moves back to Garden Heights, Thomas wonders if he has been given another chance to let her know how he really feels. Thomas yearns to be a police officer but feels he is not qualified. Perhaps his timidity and shyness will crumble when he finds his courage by helping Alice as much as he can.
Name Jones family
Members Thomas Jones, Lucy Jones
Family connections Flores family, Whitt family
Lot 1330 Vista del Arroyo
Funds §2,299
Other information
Game TSPS Icon The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Garden Heights
For Jones family in other games, see Jones family.

The Jones family is a family living in Garden Heights, it consists of Thomas Jones, and his dog, Lucy. The family plays a major role in the story "The Best in Show" giving training equipment and moral support for Alice Whitt. At the end of the story, Thomas' dog Lucy have puppies with Alice's dog, Sam. The family becomes playable when the player finishes "The Best in Show" story.


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