Secord X-7 Jetpack
Secord X-7 Jetpack
Launch yourself skyward for thrilling adventures with this personal jetpack! Patented gyroscopes ensure your basic safety, and it's got enough juice to take other Sims on tandem rides.
Game The Sims 3: Into the Future
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §720
Object type(s) Transportation
Size 1x1

A jetpack is a means of personal transportation introduced in The Sims 3: Into the Future.

If a jetpack is present in a Sim's inventory, the player can click on it to start or stop using it. Sims can use a jetpack to fly to nearby destinations instead of walking. Using a jetpack will increase the Sim's Advanced Technology skill.

Jetpack abilitiesEdit

Sims can fly with a jetpack even when they do not have any Advanced Technology skill. However, Sims with no Advanced Technology skill will be unable to control the jetpack. Therefore, jetpacks are not recommended as a way to start gaining the Advanced Technology skill.

A Sim using a jetpack can prank other Sims. When Sims have reached level 2 in the Advanced Technology skill, they will have no difficulty in flying the jetpack. Sims with level 2 skill will have the ability to kiss another Sim mid-air, and to perform tricks such as the "Freefall" and the "Loop de loop". Sims who reach level 4 in the Advanced Technology skill can WooHoo with other Sims on a jetpack. Reaching level 6 in the Advanced Technology skill allows them to slow dance with other Sims in mid-air.

Death by jetpackEdit

When Sims use the jetpack with low Advanced Technology skill, the jetpack will be faulty and difficult to control. It may launch the Sim upward at a rapid speed, burning them, and then drop them from the sky. The ghost of a Sim who has died while using a jetpack will be orange with a flowing pattern. Sometimes, the ghost will use the jetpack and relive their death.

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