Jaguar in The Sims Castaway Stories

Jaguar is an animal that appears in The Sims Castaway Stories.

There is only one jaguar in Shipwrecked and Single, and his name is Mata. He is also the only jaguar that appears while playing the game. He appears in a location called The Crossroads, when the player's Sim passes through the area, led by Winford Rhinehart, who says that "the player should not be afraid of the wild". Later in the game's progress, after the player's Sim has befriended the locals, Amanaki Tama, the village shaman, has Mata guard the way to the Cursed Village, were the player is supposed to go to retrieve Fangaloka Manave's drums. The player must "gain his trust" before they can proceed into the village. This is done by drugging him with a Nepeta leaf found in the Shaman's hut. After the player does so, the way to the village opens, and Mata disappears.

Jaguars cannot be found later in the story. They may have intended to be included in the game, as various descriptions in the game mention jaguars. Although the player can't see the jaguar they can download a mod that allows players to summon jaguars, although they have few interactions, as if their character file is unfinished.


  • Jaguars can pounce on Sims, thus scaring them.
  • Jaguars are the equivalent of cats in the game (like hyenas are the equivalent of dogs).
  • Although only Mata can be found in Story Mode, there are four other jaguars in the game. Their names are Hakari, Hau, Tapu and a hidden male version of Mata.
  • Mata's name, as stated in the game, means "eye", and according to Amanaki Tama, it was given to him because of his ability to sense the player's Sim. Mata is both Malay and Indonesian which also means eye.
  • Jaguars like Nepeta leaves for some reason, as shown in Shipwrecked and Single.
  • Jaguars have the same needs as cats do. However, the Scratch motive cannot be raised by using scratching posts, because they don't exist in the game.
  • All jaguars have the same "neutral" personality.


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