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Jacques Villareal
Jacques Villareal headshot
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and employment
Career TS4 Career Criminal The Brains
Family/Families Villareal family
Marital status Single
Children Luna Villareal Daughter, Hugo Villareal Son, Max Villareal Son
Traits Trait TS4 Erratic Erratic
Trait TS4 Childish Childish
Trait TS4 Genius Genius
Trait TS4 Dastardly Dastardly
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Public Enemy Public Enemy
Hair color TS2 Grey Hair Grey
Eye color TS2 Red Eyes Red
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social standing
Clubs Knights of the hedge Knights of the Hedge
The good timers The Good Timers
Other information
Game TS4GT Icon The Sims 4: Get Together
Playability Playable
World Windenburg

Jacques Villareal is a pre-made Sim who resides in Windenburg, the world introduced in The Sims 4: Get Together. He is described as eccentric and that his children's behaviors annoy him. He is the father of Luna Villareal, Hugo Villareal and young Max Villareal.

Jacques is an elder and works in the boss branch of the criminal career at level 9 (the brains). He has the Public Enemy aspiration and has nine skill points in logic.

Jacques is the leader of Knights of the Hedge club with Yuki Behr and Wolfgang Munch. He also a club member of The Good Timers with Bjorn Bjergsen, Mila Munch and Dominic Fyres. According to his family bio, his wife disappeared under "mysterious circumstances".


Image Skill Level
Skill TS4 LogicLogic09

Image Name Relationship level
Luna Villareal headshot2 Luna Villareal Daughter, Friend
Hugo Villareal headshot Hugo Villareal Son, Friend
Max Villareal headshot Max Villareal Son, Friend
Bjorn Bjergsen headshot Bjorn Bjergsen Friend, Neighbor
Dominic Fyres headshot Dominic Fyres Friend
Mila Munch headshot Mila Munch Friend
Wolfgang Munch headshot Wolfgang Munch Friend
Yuki Behr headshot Yuki Behr Friend

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