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J. M. Pescado
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J. M. Pescado's avatar on ModTheSims forum.

J. M. Pescado is a modder of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, self-proclaimed 'Fat Obstreperous Jerk' (FOJ), and founder of More Awesome Than You and Paysites Must Be Destroyed.

Pescado is notable for his hands-off approach to moderation, heavy use of neologisms, and general disdain for stupid people.


Pescado initially submitted his work at ModTheSims, where some of his creations can still be found. During his time there he was a 'featured creator' and winner of both the Latte and the MooMoo awards. In 2005, he left MTS along with other creators for the now-defunct site Variousimmers. He later went on to establish his own forum community, More Awesome Than You,[1] where he remains active.


Currently, his main focus is the maintenance of AwesomeMod. In the past, his creations consisted largely of tweaks and bug fixes for TS2, though these were released in the form of many separate mods, due to the fact TS2 was not limited to one single core mod.

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Paysites Must Be Destroyed[]

J. M. Pescado
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This site is completely free.

Date founded 2006
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Paysites Must Be Destroyed

Paysites Must Be Destroyed (PMBD) is a site founded by Pescado that offers a large collection of files from paysites for free download.

The front page cites EA's EULA as legal justification. So far no legal action has been successfully taken against the site or any of its users, despite threats from paysite owners.

The site has occasionally changed its URL over the years. Known URLs include,, and[2]

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