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J'Adore Bakery
'j'adore bakery
Lot type Community
Owner Gilbert Jacquet
Value §64,489
Lot size 20x30
Number of floors 1
Neighborhood Bluewater Village
Game The Sims 2: Open for Business

J'Adore Bakery is a Bluewater Village business owned by Gilbert Jacquet, who is presumed to have inherited it from his late father Yves. It sells desserts ranging from gelatin to Baked Alaska.

It is assumed that Yves made much of the stock before his death, as neither his widow nor his son have the skill to make cheesecake or Baked Alaska.

Trivia Edit

  • J'adore means I love in French
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The desserts that are originally in J'Adore Bakery's display cases are glitched. Sims will be able to buy them, but will not be able to eat them. The way to remedy this is to completely clean out the display cases, and restock them with freshly made food.
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