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The Sims 3: Island Paradise

Isla Paradiso
Isla Paradiso
World · Featured in: The Sims 3: Island Paradise

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Isla Paradiso
Isla Paradiso thumbnail
An archipelago of islands surrounded by tranquil seas, Isla Paradiso is a great place for relaxation, recreation and exploration. Indulge with a stay at a resort, an adventurous boat cruise, or scuba dive into the depths in search of hidden wonders. Where will your adventures take you?
Name Isla Paradiso
Game TS3IP Icon The Sims 3: Island Paradise
Housed residents 53
Skies Clear with spread clouds

Isla Paradiso is a world that is featured in The Sims 3: Island Paradise. The town is an archipelago that consists of many islands and is used to showcase the many features of Island Paradise.


Isla Paradiso is located in the seas, consisting of two main islands and many small islands scattered around. The town is similar to Sunlit Tides, which is also based on a tropical island theme, although Isla Paradiso has even more islands. Unlike Sunlit Tides, which has a Pacific theme, Isla Paradiso has Caribbean and Spanish themes. The architecture of the town is either Spanish, beach, or modern.

Isla Paradiso has unique features that are not available in other worlds by default. For instance, it's the only world that has diving areas for Sims to scuba dive and explore underwater, although some advanced players can also make their own in other worlds. It also has 8 hidden islands, surrounding the town, which can be discovered in certain ways. Once discovered, the island will be automatically owned by the discoverer. Sims can turn the island into a private secondary residential lot, or into a resort. Similar to World Adventures adventure destinations, Isla Paradiso is also scattered with treasure chests, hidden in the islands or underwater.

There are 3 pre-built resorts in Isla Paradiso, which have unique themes of their own. The resorts are Hobart's Hideaway (beach style), La Costa Verde (Spanish style), and Sparkling Sands (modern style). Hobart's Hideaway can be purchased for free, and it is intended to be a starting resort to help players familiarize with resort management. In addition, there are many ports and premade houseboats in Isla Paradiso. Other residents can be seen moving the houseboats, so it's not only the player who will move the inhabited houseboats.

One special feature from Isla Paradiso is Kraken sightings. The Kraken will occasionally appear underwater when the houseboat is in the middle of the ocean for a long time, and may attack Sims if they are on a boat. The Kraken will only appear in Isla Paradiso due to the depth of the oceans there; most other worlds in The Sims 3 have shallow bodies of water that cannot support the Kraken. However, the Kraken may be sighted far out into the ocean in Sunset Valley and Lucky Palms, where the water is deep enough.[confirmation needed]


118 lots in total are in Isla Paradiso: 52 commercial, 28 empty and 38 residential lots.


Household Difficulty Sims Money House Name Br Ba Address Price Size
Alto 3 3 §125,000 Luxury Villa The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 2 1.5 1 Alto Road §309,912 40x40
Arias 2 3 §20,000 Our First Houseboat 2 2 §79,784 12x17
Babes on the Beach 2 3 §17,000 Holiday House 3 1 25 Riviera Road §56,574 40x40
Collins 5 5 §17,000 Colonial Casa 4 2.5 76 Civic Center §39,511 20x12
Dregg 2 2 §20,000 Atlantis 1 2 §37,022 12x17
Hamada 3 3 §40,000 The Spanish Queen 2 2 7 Sea Spray Lane §122,731 30x20
Han 4 4 §65,000 The Red Palace 4 2 53 Paradise Road §171,809 30x40
Ichtaca 4 4 §180,000 Castillo de Ichtaca 5 3 1 Camino del Ray §289,882 40x40
La Rosa 2 2 §32,000 The Oasis The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 1 1.5 51 Paradise Road §99,256 40x30
Los Amigos 2 2 §12,000 Spirit of the Sea 2 1 Sandy Beach, Surf Island §43,694 30x40
Medina 3 2 §18,000 A Modern Folly The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 2 3 65 Paradise Road §134,511 30x30
Ojeda 2 2 §10,000 Sea House 2 1 1 Sharks Bay §24,848 20x30
Scott 3 3 §20,000 Tide Runner 2 1 §60,087 17x22
Senorita Hernandez 1 1 §12,000 Fiesta House 1 2 78 Civic Center §61,011 20x15
The Angler 1 1 §20,000 Aquaholic 1 1 §41,693 10x12
The Lone Artist 1 1 §24,000 Adobe Abode 3 1 11 Ocean View Road §80,088 30x20
The Lonely Lover 1 1 §90,000 Casa del Sol 2 2 17 Paradise Road §218,264 40x30
The Loner 1 1 §10,000 Solitude 1 1 The Lonely Beach, Isla Paradiso §31,053 30x30
The Prince 1 1 §20,000 Fantasea 2 1 §112,207 17x22
The Romantic 1 1 §20,000 Sea Spirit 1 2 §50,766 12x17
The Scientist 1 1 §13,000 My First Research Facility 1 1 The Hill, Science Island §48,384 30x20
The Siren 1 1 §30,000 The Modern Hideaway 1 1.5 Dry Land, Kraken Island §103,909 30x30
Torres 1 1 §2,000 Casita Azulita 0 1 5 Beach Boulevard §17,859 30x20
Varadi 1 1 §18,000 Surf Shack 0 0 Land's End, Isla Zamora §63,010 20x20
Vidal 3 3 §16,000 The Painted Lady 2 2 74 Civic Center §46,250 20x12
Name Br Ba Address Size Price Unfurnished Price Furnished
Bachelor Pad 2 1 69 Paradise Road 29x29 §13,974 §16,694
Cozy Cottage 1 1 27 Paradise Road 19x19 §16,574 §18,579
Happy Houseboat 1 1 10x12 §12,872 §15,632
Humble Home 2 2 6 Greenbeard Road 40x40 §28,437 §35,351
Island Beauty 1 1 10 Scuba Street 20x20 §14,589 §20,019
Mi Casa 1 1 13 Shaka Bra Road 14x9 §9,702 §14,811
Modern Marvel 2 2 10 Modern Mile 50x50 §71,384 §108,347
Odyssey 2 2 12x17 §41,027 §72,437
Personal Paradise 2 1 9 Sea Spray Lane 30x30 §26,875 §34,208
Seaside Escape 1 1 Sandy Shore, Surf Island 30x40 §13,877 §16,174
Sundancer 2 1 45 Surf Circle 25x25 §30,044 §47,647
The Floating Fortress 3 2 17x22 §52,383 §101,949
You're On a Boat 1 1 10x12 §12,127 §15,899


Name Size Address Price Type Rabbithole
Accolades Institute and Stadium 64x64 100 Universidad Boulevard §119,455 Visitors Allowed School and stadium
Bella Vista Beach 54x50 Bella Vista Beach, Surf Island §19,801 Beach
Beso de Sol Garden 26x26 80 Civic Center §16,078 Small Park
Blue Sky Movie Theater 30x26 58 Civic Center §7,057 No Visitors Allowed Theater
Cementerio Antiguo 15x20 6 Ocean View Way §4,959 Graveyard Mausoleum
Civic Center 64x64 100 Civic Center §73,854 No Visitors Allowed Military, police, city hall
Costa Verde Corp. & Alyssa's Bookstore 24x23 70 Civic Center §9,181 No Visitors Allowed Business building and bookstore
Cruzita's Groceries and Diner 30x30 12 Scuba Street §9,798 No Visitors Allowed Grocery and Diner
Crystal Waters Beach 46x36 Crystal Cove, Isla Paradiso §10,240 Beach
El Hospital 50x50 The Bluff, Isla Paradiso §16,423 No Visitors Allowed Hospital
Fortunate Fishing 20x20 14 Scuba Street §2,630 Fishing Spot
Greenbeard's Fishing Spot 30x40 The Hilltop, Isla Paradiso §10,771 Fishing Spot
Hobart's Hideaway 64x64 101 Surf Circle §52,571 Resort Resort Tower
Ichtaca Community Garden 30x30 1 The Overlook §29,566 No Visitors Allowed
Island Jewel Park 25x25 2 The Overlook §5,680 Small Park
La Costa Verde 64x64 75 Fiesta Circle §162,885 Resort Resort Tower
Los Libros Library 48x26 90 Civic Center §92,422 Library
Nautical Museum 26x26 54 Civic Center §64,896 Art Gallery
Nautilus Laboratories 50x60 The Lab, Science Island §34,621 No Visitors Allowed Science Lab
Oceanview Cemetery 35x35 63 Paradise Road §32,045 Graveyard Mausoleum
Paradise Pub 24x40 68 Civic Center §96,566 Visitors Allowed
Petite Park 40x20 11 Scuba Street §17,598 Small Park
Plaza Park 64x44 The Plaza §37,714 Big Park
Seaside Stuff Art Gallery 25x20 13 Scuba Street §27,187 Art Gallery
Smuggler's Lair 22x22 Smuggler's Point, Isla Paradiso §6,735 No Visitors Allowed
Sparkling Sands 64x64 45 Paradise Road §170,872 Resort Resort Tower
Sparkling Sands Beach 64x34 Manufactured Sands, Isla Paradiso §5,148 Beach
Sweet Water Pool 30x25 5 Sea Spray Lane §63,290 Pool
The Palms Gym 40x30 36 Paradise Road §110,091 Gym
Trade Winds Spa and Bistro 36x50 10 Sunshine Street §20,798 Visitors Allowed Spa and Bistro
Davy Jones' Locker 64x64 §8,592 Diving Area
Pearl's Deep 64x64 §8,192 Diving Area
Rocky Reef 64x64 §8,512 Diving Area
The Mermaid Grotto 64x64 §8,272 Diving Area
Name Size Address
Peaceful Port 30x50 Isla Paradiso
Port Pepper 30x50 The Lonely Isle
Port Perilous 25x50 Surf Island
Port Pescado 25x50 Isla Paradiso
Picturesque Port 25x50 Isla Paradiso
Port Placid 25x50 Surf Island
Port Playa 30x50 Isla Paradiso
Port Pleasant 30x50 Surf Island
Pleasing Port 50x30 Isla Paradiso
Port Plenty 25x50 Isla Paradiso
Port Popular 30x50 Isla Paradiso
Premium Port 25x50 Isla Paradiso
Pretty Port 25x50 Isla Paradiso
Port Primavera 25x50 Isla Paradiso
Prominent Port 25x50 Isla Paradiso
Promising Port 25x50 Isla Paradiso
Port Prosperous 25x50 Isla Paradiso
Port Pyre 30x50 Fire Island


Address or name Size Price
2 Sharks Bay 30x20 §1,200
6 Camino del Ray 21x15 §630
10 Sea Shell Way 35x35 §2,450
15 Dolphin Lane 60x60 §7,200
15 Riviera Road 40x40 §3,200
15 Scuba Street[1] 30x20 §1,200
16 Scuba Street[2] 20x30 §1,200
25 Paradise Road 30x20 §1,200
33 Surf Circle 35x45 §3,150
47 Surf Circle 30x20 §1,200
77 Paradise Road 64x64 §8,192
79 Paradise Road 30x30 §1,800
102 Civic Center[3] 30x20 §1,200
Ocean View, Isla Romantica 40x40 §3,200
Palm Beach, Pirate Island 40x40 §3,200
Retreat, Serenity Isle 15x25 §750
Seaside Retreat, Science Island[4] 30x20 §1,200
Shimmering Sands, Isla Paradiso 35x25 §1,750
The Flats, Fire Island 50x50 §5,000
The Hideaway, Shark Bite Island 30x20 §1,200
Lots in Uncharted Islands
Address or name Size Price
Beryl Shoals 64x64 §10,238
Cay to the City 30x40 §2,400
Diver's Den 50x60 §6,000
Mermaid's Secret 30x30 §1,800
No Trouble Atoll 60x60 §7,200
Plumbob Island 64x64 §23,160
Plunder Cove 64x64 §19,972
Refuge Island 25x30 §14,159


Many of the islands have names given to them by their lots' addresses, with pre-placed rabbitholes spread across the 3 largest of them.

Loosely sorted in descending order of features, followed by the islands' sizes:

Name Main features Housed residents
Isla Paradiso Main and largest island 42
Surf Island Grocery, diner 8
Science Island Science lab 1
Kraken Island Home lot 1
Isla Zamora Home lot 1
Fire Island Port, Empty lot 0
The Lonely Isle Port 0
Pirate Island Empty lot 0
Serenity Isle Empty lot 0
Isla Romantica Empty lot 0
Shark Bite Island Empty lot 0

Various other unnamed and hidden islands can also be walked on by Sims. There are no bridges between any of the islands; trying to create a pedestrian bridge by placing a custom lot that touches on multiple islands, will usually crash the game to desktop unless discoverAllUnchartedIslands has been used.


New Families[]

Difficulty: 2
Mylee Arias, Ruben Arias, Gabrielle Arias
When they retired Ruben and Mylee sold their home and moved onto a houseboat with dreams of fishing and traveling the seas. Their daughter Gabrielle was suppose to stay with them for only a few short weeks... weeks that turned into months. Her parents worry, will she ever leave the nest and let them get on with their retirement?
Difficulty: 2
Hinni Hashini, Karlie Goldberg, Rei Matsuri
Three young women looking for love and good times on the beach! Hinni, Karlie, and Rei have come to the islands to catch some sun and enjoy some R&R, but Karlie is falling hard for both scuba diving and the islands many bachelors... Vacations are meant to be temporary, but maybe she should stay for good?
Difficulty: 5
Christopher Collins, Rosemarie Collins, Omar Collins, Cristobel Collins, Martina Collins
Christopher and Rosemarie are dedicated to their growing family, but three kids and another on the way, oh my!
Difficulty: 3
Honey Hamada, Masao Hamada, Emily Hamada
It was love at first sight for Honey and Masao, quickly followed by a beach wedding and a lovely baby girl! If happiness is worth its weight in gold then the Hamadas are the wealthiest family in the world...
Difficulty: 4
Devin Han, Persephone Han, Phillip Han, Michael Han
Recent transplants to the islands the Han family have made friends, found jobs, and adjusted to island life... at least the adults have. Phillip and Michael are spoiled, stubborn, and miss their old home, will they ever adjust?
Difficulty: 4
Guillermo Ichtaca, Carolina Ichtaca, Liliana Ichtaca, Everado Ichtaca
The Ichtaca family are descendants of ancient island royalty and take a great pride in their ancestry.
Difficulty: 2
Lora La Rosa, Leandro La Rosa
Leandro and Lora worked hard and saved every Simoleon so they could have a fabulous retirement. Moving to the islands was their dream, but life in paradise costs more than they imagined. Will they find a way to make their budget work, or should they look at downsizing to a smaller place?
Difficulty: 2
Harley Greenwood, Rajan Patel
Harley and Rajan are enjoying an extended stay on the islands. Harley won't go home until he's caught all the fish, and Rajan won't go home until he's romanced all the ladies! With goals like that they're here for the long haul!
Difficulty: 3
Teodor Medina, Palmira Medina
Teodor lost his resort plans and his lover, Florita, to Alfonso Alto. Now he struggles as single dad with no reliable income... will Teodor be able to turn his life around and win Florita back, or is it time to look for someone new?
Difficulty: 2
Olin Ojeda, Yelena Ojeda
Family and tradition are the foundations of Olin and Yelena's life together, but their narrow world view has put them at odds with their daughter, Lopita. Can the family reconcile the differences between old and new?
Difficulty: 3
Linda Scott, Tariq Scott, Chandell Scott
Tariq loves the sea, but Linda yearns for a life on solid ground. Will living together in close quarters bring them closer together, or will this be the wedge that finally drives them apart?
Difficulty: 1
Florita Hernandez
Florita left her lover after he lost everything to the Altos, and she soon started a steamy affair with Alfonso Alto himself... Florita has big dreams of wealth, prestige, and power, but will her wanton ways really net her all she desires?
Difficulty: 1
Lincoln Porter
Lincoln has dedicated his life to the study of fish. How to catch them, how to keep them, how to cook them… He is an expert on mermaid lore and has spent most of his adult life pursuing their secrets...
Difficulty: 1
Margarita Manzano
A successful artist in her youth, Margarita now finds herself alone, adrift in a world of vibrant color... Though her days are waning Margarita will be happy to spend her remaining time painting seascapes and sunrises.
Difficulty: 1
Doug Rodel
After the death of his wife Doug decided he needed a change of scenery. Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a wonderful mansion with an attractive next door neighbor...
Difficulty: 1
Rubisel Ichtaca
Descended from ancient royalty, Rubisel prides himself on his family's lineage and his chiseled good looks. Not to mention his handsome houseboat and his successful career in Law Enforcement. Will he ever settle down, or does his heart belong to the sea?
Difficulty: 1
Javiera Batista
Brilliant, genius, loner... Javiera prefers to live alone from other Sims so that she can pursue her experiments in a controlled environment. She has wide eyes that twinkle (with a touch of madness?) and a passion for experiments of all sorts.
Difficulty: 1
Aislara Alvarez
A soulful song writer with a quiet disposition and stars in her eyes, Aislara is a talented guitar player and is well known on the islands for her soulful tunes.
Difficulty: 1
Matteo Torres
Matteo struggled emotionally and financially after losing his parents at a young age. Though he is strong of spirit and perseverant, his moral compass may be faulty...will a life of crime bring Matteo the security he yearns for, or will it be the cause of further tragedy?
Difficulty: 1
Andrei Varadi
A retired fisherman and avid scuba diver Andrei has dedicated his life to what lives under the waves...
Difficulty: 3
Valerie Vidal, Sean Vidal, Joel Vidal
Valerie has her hands full as a single mom with two teenage sons and a full time career. Between work, family obligations, and her hobbies there is very little time for romance... but the heart wants what it wants, is a new relationship on the horizon?

Returning Families[]

Difficulty: 3
Alfonso Alto, Lopita Alto, Ashley Alto
The Altos are known for their enormous wealth and questionable ethics…Alfonso made his fortune in island resorts, but only by stealing from and lying to his partners. Enemies abound and friends are few... will Lopita stand by her husband or has she had enough of his wicked ways?
Difficulty: 2
Edward Dregg, Cara Dregg
Edward and Cara have been newlyweds for a long, long time. Cara likes to be grounded and enjoys keeping house, but Edward is always dreaming of the far horizon. Their love has stood the test of time, but can it withstand Edward's wanderlust?
Difficulty: 1
Matthew Mango
Madness runs in the family, or so Matthew has been told. Only he can't remember where his family is, so he lives alone on a desert isle with his collection of not-so-rare tropical plants and driftwood.
Difficulty: 1
Akoni Kahale
Akoni is kind and generous, wealthy and single...a hopeless romantic he relocated to the islands after a fortune teller foretold that this is where he would meet his one true love...

Homeless Sims[]

These Sims are pre-made townies, but homeless when Isla Paradiso is first loaded.


Deceased Sims[]


  • This town contains more beaches than normal, due to the amount of islands and thus, shores.
  • Wild animals, such as wild horses, deer, and raccoon are restricted from appearing in Isla Paradiso.
  • All ports start with the letter "P".
  • The arch is based on the Santa Catalina Arch located in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala.
  • "Isla" stands for "island" in Spanish while "paradiso" is Italian for "paradise".
  • Isla Paradiso was inspired by various Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti).
  • This neighborhood contains some references to the animated musical movie produced by Disney in 1989, The Little Mermaid, especially when it comes to mermaids. The movie depicts a redhead mermaid, Ariel, who longs to become human. Ariel Walsh is in looks very similar to the main character and when the games starts, she is (already) a human. There is also a mermaid called Mia Azul which also references Ariel. Triton King's name refers to Ariel's father, the Sea's King, King Triton, but the title is used as a last name instead. He doesn't agree with her decision to become a human. The movie's antagonist, the Sea Witch, Ursula, is referred to in a townie's name, Ursula Randall.
  • The Scott family has been known to cause lag in Isla Paradiso, although the family is not the sole cause of lag. At the start of the game, the family's houseboat isn't docked at a port. This is usually resolved by Twallan's ErrorTrap mod. Players can also play the family and dock the house to prevent this, or move them into another lot. Ms. Scott is also pregnant, but employed and not on maternity leave. She will encounter constant errors attempting to change into her work uniform (which is impossible due to her pregnancy).
  • The Collins family has a similar error attributable to them, as Mrs. Collins is pregnant but still employed and not on maternity leave. She will therefore attempt to change into a work uniform, which is impossible due to her pregnancy.
  • All townies and NPCs from the world lack individual personal biographies. All female Sims have the biography "The sun, surf, and sand are the best part of living here!", while all male Sims have the biography "Isn't it wonderful to live so close to the beach!", and all deceased Sims from the world lack individual personal biographies. All female Sims have the biography "Being trapped forever in such a beautiful place isn't so bad...", while all male Sims have the biography "Being a ghost in paradise... I could do worse".
  • After a patch following the release of Island Paradise, several pre-made mothers no longer have biological connection to their children. This is the case for Rosemarie Collins, Persephone Han, Carolina Ichtaca, Linda Scott and Lopita Alto.
  • Lag is also caused with Pets installed due to the setup of the main central park, where puppies and kittens will be placed at the top of the stairs in the park and encounter routing errors constantly attempting to get down.
  • Most of the port homes for houseboats are poorly constructed and Sims will encounter routing errors attempting to get onto their houseboats and off of their houseboats. The only way to deal with lag in this area is to get lucky (sometimes the game can and will run without lag) or to make extensive changes to the world before beginning a game in the area.
  • NPCs will frequently abandon boats all over the archipelago and cause performance issue as they quickly accumulate over time. Twallan's Overwatch mod will delete all abandoned vehicles (including boats) daily, otherwise the player will have to regularity check the archipelago and manually delete each boat.
  • Although the four pre-made mermaids (Mia, Maya, Triton and Salty) are technically homeless, they will sometimes visit a resort or other community lot together as a household.
  • This world is also the last world from an expansion pack for The Sims 3 that is not a sub-world or a world from The Sims 3 Store.


  1. If the player has The Sims 3: Ambitions, on the lot is placed Barney's Salon and Tattoo
  2. If the player has The Sims 3: Ambitions, on the lot is placed consignment store Landgraab Sell n' Swap
  3. If the player has The Sims 3: Ambitions, on the lot is placed Community Fire Department
  4. If the player has The Sims 3: Ambitions, on the lot is placed junkyard Grady's Junkstop


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