The Sims Makin Magic

Invisible Friend
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An Invisible Friend.

Not to be confused with Imaginary Friend.

An Invisible Friend is a minor NPC included in The Sims: Makin' Magic. The Invisible Friend charm may be used by children to create an invisible Friend.

Invisible Friends resemble female child Sims and will always look the same. They follow their creator wherever they go, except for school. When the Sim that created them is at school or asleep, they will continuously wander around the lot, having no needs to attend to. The child Sim who created the Invisible Friend can also dismiss it and make it disappear or the Invisible Friend will eventually disappear by itself. Other sims on the lot will not be able to make any interactions with the Invisible Friend and will not be aware of its presence.

To make the Invisible Friend charm, the child needs 1 Toadstool and 2 Faerie Dust. Like all children's charms, it can be used six times. The Invisible Friend may interact negatively with the child Sim if he or she is in a bad mood when casting, or if his or her Social bar is full. If this happens, the child will not be able to dismiss the Invisible Friend, and will have to wait for the spell to wear off. It is possible to have multiple Invisible Friends active at the same time; however, they will all look the same. When an Invisible Friend is dismissed, they will perform a salute before disappearing in a similar manner as when a child is sent to military school.


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