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Trait TS4 Insider
Insider is a social trait in The Sims 4: Get Together. It conflicts with the loner trait.

"These Sims love being in Clubs, and tend to be happiest when surrounded by their friends.They can Share Insider Story, and may become sad if they don't interact with friends for a period of time."

Attributes Edit

  • When in a group of 3 or more (which being in a club gathering counts toward) insiders will get a +1 happy moodlet.
  • These Sims can "Share insider story" with other Sims that are not in their club.
  • These Sims will become sad when not around friends.
  • These Sims can get a "Let's Be Kind" +1 flirty moodlet.

Insider SimsEdit

Siobhan Fyres

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