Hot To Trot
Lot type Residential
Value §47,000
Lot size Medium
Number of floors 1
Occupants Roomies Family
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 2
Neighborhood SimValley
Game The Sims (console)

Hot To Trot is the fourth level in The Sims for console. The player moves into this house with who they asked to be their roommate after he or she moves out of Party Animals house.

House Info Edit

The house itself is L-shaped and is fully furnished, there are also many items outside the house like the tree-swing as well as a hot tub.

The living room consists of a strip poker table, an electric guitar, a love-seat and a TV; right next to the living room is a bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet, the dining room has a normal table and four chairs and a phone, the kitchen uses the basic and inexpensive stove and fridge as well as having a door lead outside. The other bathroom is much like the first bathroom but has the addition of a bathtub. The bedroom has a wardrobe, a bed, and a few decorations.

Objectives Edit

The goals for this house include upgrading the house, which is required before a party can be thrown. If a party is thrown before completing this objective, Malcolm Landgraab will break up the party. When this objective is completed, Malcolm will call the house and tell the player's Sim that they can now throw all the parties they want, and he will also give the player tips as well.

The player's Sim also needs to get promoted to career level six, and get promoted to career level seven as well as get married to one of the members of the Party Girls family, if the Sim is a male or, to one of the members of the Party Guys if the Sim is a female. In order to get married, the player will need to throw a party as well as complete all the objectives before their Sim can move out. This also goes along with the "throw a raging party" objective.

Story Edit

Beginning this stage, the player's Sim's roommate will tell the player how excited they are with the Sim moving in with them. He/she will also tell the Sim that they need to do a few things that his/her landlord promised to do. The roommate also wants to introduce the player's Sim to some new friends.

Throughout this stage the player needs to pick some member of the Party Girls or Party Guys family they want their Sim to marry, since to move on the next stage, Who Loves Ya Baby, they need to find a wife or a husband. When a good enough party has been thrown and the Sim's future husband or wife is satisfied enough they can use the social interaction, "Try and Score". If performed successfully, the person proposed to will say:

"It's SO loud in here, what? You want to get married? Ok, I do, I DO!"

After this, the player will put on the ring and they will both switch to their formal wear and get married before moving on to the next stage.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first stage with a roommate who is willing to do almost anything they are asked to do
  • After finishing this stage and moving onto the next, the player's Sim will not be able to communicate with their roommate.
  • The player's Sim must marry one of the members of Party Girls or Party Guys family as they are not allowed to marry anyone else. This includes any NPCs or their roommate.
  • The picture before entering the stage has a few errors in it. There is a hedge on the left side that surrounds the wall that is absent from the picture, and the fence in-game also continues to go around the left side of the house while in the picture the fence is absent. When starting the stage, a grill cannot be found outside the house, which is another error in the picture seen above.
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