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Sims celebrating Winterfest.

Not to be confused with Festival.

Holidays are a feature set to appear in The Sims 4: Seasons. They are worldwide, yearly events, that each come with it's own set of traditions, which define the way the Sims celebrate the holiday. There are multiple pre-made holidays and players are able to create their own. To see when a holiday takes place, players can check the calendar

Surprise holidays will occasionally pop up in Sims' calendars a few days before they occur, such as "Talk Like a Pirate Day".[1]

Pre-made holidays


Icon Name Decoration Theme Day off work/school Traditions
TBA Love Day Love Day TBA Romantic Spirit

Give Flowers

Go on a Date


  • Harvestfest


  • Winterfest

Surprise Holidays

  • Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Rebate Day

Decoration Theme

When it comes to the decoration of the neighboring houses the player can choose from seven decoration themes:

  • None
  • Love Day
  • Harvestfest
  • New Year's Eve
  • Spring
  • Spooky
  • Winterfest

The neighboring houses will each time apply random decoration from that theme. The theme is also applied to the player's house, when they choose to decorate using The Attic Stack Decoration Box, but this can be customized via the same object.


Holidays are able to have up to 5 traditions.[2] Which traditions are selected will determine the way the holiday is celebrated.

Icon Tradition Description Ignored By
AirGrievances Tradition Air Grievances
AppreciateAnObject Tradition Appreciate an Object
Art&MusicSpirit Tradition Art & Music Spirit Make music and make art. Sing until your voice gives out or the neighbors complain.

To participate, create art by doing things like Painting, Taking Photos or Dancing. Or do musical things by Singing, Listening to Music, or Playing an Instrument.

AttendHolidayCeremony Tradition Attend Holiday Ceremony
Baking Tradition Baking
Bar-B-Que Tradition Bar-B-Que There is nothing quite like fire grilled food. Debates on the best fuel source and sauce recipe get very heated.

To participate, Click on any Outdoor Grill and select Grill.

TS4 duster icon Cleaning
CountdownToMidnight Tradition Countdown To Midnight
Decorate Tradition Decorate The perfect bit of color and décor can really set the stage for any holiday.

To participate, place holiday decorations from Build Mode. Decorate the house exterior by placing and using The Attic Stack Decoration Box.

Drinking Tradition Drinking
EggHunt Tradition Egg Hunt
Exercise Tradition Exercise
Fasting Fasting Appreciate all the good food you have by going without for a short time.

To participate, do not Eat any food for 6 hours.

Father Winter icon Father Winter
FestiveLighting Tradition Festive Lighting
FestiveSpirit Tradition Festive Spirit
Meanstreak Fighting
Fire Tradition Fire
Flower Bunny Flower Bunny The Flower Bunny has come to visit and spread flowery delight!

To participate, do Friendly interactions with the Flower Bunny.

Free Food And Drinks
Games Tradition Games Strategy, learning, entertainment, and accomplishment all in the same activity. Great alone or with friends.

To participate, play with video games, toys, the arcade, or the chess table.

Gardening Tradition Gardening
GiveFlowers Tradition Give Flowers
GiveGifts Tradition Give Gifts Exchanging a gift is a great way to convey appreciation, humor, and romance. It even works to trick adversaries.

To participate, Buy Gifts from the Phone, Computer or Build Mode. Click on other Sims and Give Gifts. Make sure to check the mail for gifts sent to you.

Trait TS4 Romantic Go on a Date
GoOnAVacationOrTravel Tradition Go on a Vacation or Travel There is no place like home... which you won't know until you travel!

To participate, Click on the Phone and select Take a Vacation, or Travel to a Commercial Venue.

40px Grand Meal A most delectable feast awaits stomachs growling in anticipation. Just make sure someone else volunteers to do the dishes.

Cook a Grand Meal by clicking on the Stove or Fridge. To start the feast, select Call to Grand Meal on the completed dish.

Teens, Toddlers
Trait TS4 Gnomes Holiday Gnomes
InviteGuests Tradition Invite Guests Celebrate with friends, family, and random Sims you met on the street.

To participate, Click on the Phone and select Invite to Hangout at Current Lot. Then socialize with at least two of your guests once they arrive.

LightKinara Tradition Light Kinara
LightMenorah Tradition Light Menorah Celebrate by lighting the candles of the Menorah.

To participate, Click on the Menorah and select Light Candles.

Make Resolution
Skill TS4 Mischief Mischief Spirit A holiday is the perfect excuse for mischievious hijinks that are in good fun. Time to work on some pranks.

To participate, Click on another Sim and select Mischief. Then Select any of the Mischief options.

OpenPresents Tradition Open Presents It's better to receive than to give. Wait, reverse that!

To participate, Open a Present from any Gift Pile.

Party Spirit
40px Polar Bear Plunge Its freezing out but the water hasn't completely iced over. Perfect time for a swim.

To participate, Swim in any outside pool while it is cold outside.

Romantic Spirit Spend a little extra time with the one you love or the one you are falling in love with.

To participate, do romantic socials such as Kissing, Hugging, Flirting, or if the mood strikes, WooHoo!

TS4 Ghost Icon Spooky Spirit The midnight hours is close at hand. Ghosts, vampires and aliens are in the plan. Celebrate all that sends a shiver up the spine.

To participate, do spooky actions such as interacting with ghosts, vampires, or aliens. You can also carve pumpkins, or play spooky music on the Pipe Organ.

Sports TV
Streaking Tradition Streaking Nothing is as freeing as running down the street with the wind in your, um, face.

To participate, select the Sim and then select Go Streaking.

Trait TS4 Storyteller Tell Stories
Clingy Thankful Spirit Spend time to reflect and be thankful - who knows what tomorrow will bring.

To participate, discuss what you can Be Thankful for with another Sim.

Trick or Treat
Watch Romantic TV
Watch Sports
Water Fun
WearCostumes Tradition Wear Costumes



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