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Sims celebrating Winterfest.

Not to be confused with Festival.

Holidays are a feature set to appear in The Sims 4: Seasons. They are worldwide, yearly events, that each come with it's own set of traditions, which define the way the Sims celebrate the holiday. There are multiple pre-made holidays and players are able to create their own. To see when a holiday takes place, players can check the calendar

Surprise holidays will occasionally pop up in Sims' calendars a few days before they occur, such as "Talk Like a Pirate Day".[1]

Pre-made holidays


  • Love Day



  • Harvestfest


  • Winterfest


Icon Tradition Description
Father Winter icon Father Winter TBA
Flower Bunny Flower Bunny TBA
Watch Sports TBA
Skill TS4 Baking Baking TBA
Free Food And Drinks TBA
Air Grievances TBA
Barb-Be-Que TBA
TS4 duster icon Cleaning TBA
Countdown To Midnight TBA
Decorate TBA
Give Flower TBA
Give Gifts TBA
Streaking Tradition Streaking TBA
Water Fun TBA
Drinking TBA
Games TBA
60px Grand Meal A most delectable feast awaits stomachs growling in anticipation. Just make sure someone else volunteers to do the dishes.
60px Polar Bear Plunge Its freezing out but the water hasn't completely iced over. Perfect time for a swim.
Trait TS4 Gnomes TBA TBA



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