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Hoapili family
Hoapili family
Sitting high above the center of Ohan'ali Town, Keala watches over the townsfolk who look to her for guidance. This spirited, young-at-heart grandmother has taken young Lia under her wing to pass on the knowledge and cultural history of Sulani through the generations.
Name Hoapili family
Members Keala Hoapili, Lia Hauata
Number of generations 3 generations
Lot Chieftain's Villa
Funds §22,000
Other information
Game TS4 EP7 Island Living Icon The Sims 4: Island Living
Playability Playable
World Sulani

The Hoapili family is a pre-made family residing in Sulani, the world introduced in The Sims 4: Island Living. It consists of Keala Hoapili and her granddaughter Lia Hauata. They live in the "Chieftain's Villa" in Ohan'ali Town and start off with 22,000 Simoleons.

Lia's parents and Keala's children are unknown. However, they are still considered grandmother and granddaughter in-game, even showing a connection in the family tree.


Hoapili: A Hawaiian surname.
Keala: Means "the path" in Hawaiian, from "ke", a definite article, and "ala", meaning "path".
Hauata: A French Polynesian surname.
Lia: Variant of Leah, which was derived from a Hebrew word meaning "weary".

Family tree

Hoapili-Hauata family tree


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