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Hidden traits cannot be seen ingame except when a Sim performs the related action. They can only be acquired through genetics without mods. You can get these traits by having a baby with certain NPCs or a sim in a specific career. Your child will then get the appropriate hidden trait.


Trait Burglar
Burglars must perfect their sneaking skills to properly liberate imprisoned items from the homes of neighbors. Burglars like to keep the skill in the family, so their children are able to sneak out like a pro at birth.

Can Apprehend Burglar

Trait Can Apprehend Burglar
Police officers spend years to best the most clever burglars. Luckily for their children, genetics helps them stop burglars without years of tedious training.

Can Salute

Trait Can Salute
Children of high-ranking military officials know enough about the military's rules and regulations to snap off a smart salute when they want.
  • From Sims in the Military career.
  • Can "Salute" other Sims.

Immune to Fire

Trait Immune to Fire
Fire Fighters are able to survive countless fires; not because of their natural immunity to fire. It's a trait that they pass on to their children.

In The Sims 3: Ambitions, children of Sims who reached the top of the Firefighter career will occasionlally have this trait. [confirmation needed]

Makes No Messes

Trait Makes No Messes
The descendants of maids have cleanliness imprinted on their genetic code so they never leave anything dirty.
  • From Maids.
  • Never leaves messes, similar to an attribute of the Neat trait.

Pizza Appreciator

Trait Pizza Appreciator
Pizza delivery folks develop a love of pizza that's deeper than the thickest crust. Their children share a similar fanaticism for pizza, which makes every bite of hot pizza amazing.
  • Eating pizza grants them the Amazing Meal moodlet.
  • From pizza deliverer.


Trait Pyromaniac
You can only get this trait in a Sim who is the offspring of a firefighter Sim. The trait allows them to set fire to objects of their choice, and they get positive moodlets for doing so!


Trait Rocker
Sims with this trait will get a natural feeling of rockstardom.



  • From Sims in Shang Simla.
  • Chinese-themed idle animations.
  • Uses chopsticks when eating.
  • Never get fatigued while practicing Martial Arts. [confirmation needed]



  • From Sims in Al Simhara.
  • Sing Middle Eastern songs autonomously.



  • From Sims in Champs Les Sims.
  • Sing French songs autonomously.
  • Greets other sims with a dual-cheek kiss.
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