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Not to be confused with Dislikes children.
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Hates children is a Social trait that was introduced in The Sims 4. It conflicts with the childish and Family-oriented traits. It is only available for teens and older.

"These Sims become Angry around Children, become Tense after Try for a Baby, and can be Mean to Children."


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  • Sims with this trait get angry from being around a child, even if they're rather far away.
  • These Sims will have the "Conception Tension" moodlet after try for a baby.
  • These Sims will be tense when pregnant.
  • These Sims will be bored while reading a children's book or watching the "Kids Network" TV channel.
  • These Sims will become tense from being around toddlers.
  • These Sims can use the "Crush Dreams" interaction on toddlers.
  • These Sims can smash dollhouses even when not currently angry.
  • These Sims get happy whenever they fail in a pregnancy test.
  • Asking a Hates Children Sim to 'Try For Baby' has no chance of success unless the Sim is dazed.
  • Hates Children Sims will get tense, then angry around child Sims, and also move away when they get to the angry stage.
  • Hates Children Sims will look annoyed when idling in the tense or angry buff stages.
  • Hates Children Sims get a Happy 'Quiet Environment Child-free Zone' buff if away from children for a time.

Sims who hate children[]

Sergio Romeo, Lily Feng

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