The Sims 4

A Happy Sim

Happy is an emotion available in The Sims 4. It occurs when a Sim performs a positive interaction, succeeds in an interaction or enters a room with wall decorations. Having Happy moodlets will boost the effects of other positive emotions like Flirty, Focused, Inspired, Energized, Playful and Confident. A Sim who is Happy can also become Very Happy.

Interactions and Activities

Sims will only have a chance to use these interactions and do these activities while happy.


  • Brighten Day
  • Heartfelt Compliment


Supportive Traits

These traits affect how often a Sim is happy.

  • Cheerful
  • Sims that love the outdoors will become Happy when outside.
  • Good Sims will become Happy when around Sims feeling positive emotions.
  • Evil Sims will become Happy when around Sims with negative emotions.
  • Bros become Happy when around other Bros.
  • Loners become Happy when alone.
  • Mean Sims become happy when doing mischief or mean socials with other Sims.
  • Sims who hate children will become happy when being mean with children.
  • Lazy Sims get Happy if they sit and nap lazily and will be happy when watching TV.
  • Family-oriented Sims get Happy if they interact with friends and family members.
  • Materalistic Sims get Happy if they'd admired a new possession quickly
  • Ambitious Sims get happy if promoted.
  • Noncommittal sims will be happy if break off a relationship or quit their career
  • Neat Sims will get Happy when performing household chores

Object Auras

These are items found, bought, or earned in the game that can emit a happy aura in the area around the object. Players can choose to enable or disable the aura at any time. Once enabled, a Sim can interact with the object, through viewing or using it, and they will earn a happy moodlet. Whether their mood changes to happy or not depends on the other moodlets affecting the Sim at that time.


Happy Sims may get the following whims:

  • Dance to Stereo
  • Hug another Sim
  • Call Someone on the Phone
  • Chat with Someone
  • Tell a Joke
  • Meet Someone New  
  • Make a Friend  

Careers and Jobs

No jobs or careers will gain work performance if a Sim goes to work while happy.


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