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Not to be confused with Hang Out.

The red rendezvous
The Red Rendezvous, a premade hangout.

The Hangout is a lot assignment introduced with The Sims 3: Ambitions, and also available in The Sims 3: Late Night and the downloadable world Hidden Springs. It is also available in the base game as of a certain patch update.

Hangouts look like a bar or pub. They generate a blue map tag featuring a cafe table. Hangouts always have juice bars in them, but adding a barbeque or a food register[TS3:WA] allows them to serve food as well. Beds can be added to create a tavern.

Sims with the party animal, excitable, or childish traits are attracted to hangouts, while Sims with the loner trait are repulsed by it. Hangouts are also attractive to Sims with a high charisma skill.[1]

Lot compatibilityEdit

As of patch 36, if you add the required Showtime objects in a hangout, it will be able to host live show type gigs without requiring to change the lot assignment, allowing it to function as both lot types.

Hangouts in TwinbrookEdit

The Red Rendezvous

Red rend interior

The interior of the Red Rendezvous.


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