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For the achievement in The Sims 4, see Achievement.

Green thumb is a mental trait in The Sims 3. It is first available to teen Sims. Green-thumbs are the best gardeners. They find solace and comfort amongst their garden and can revive plants in the worst of conditions.


  • Sims with green thumbs will learn the gardening skill 25% faster than other Sims.
  • Garden products tend to be higher quality when grown by Sims with this trait.
  • Sims with green thumbs can talk to plants in their garden to gain positive social moods, which removes the 'Lonely' moodlet.
  • With enough gardening skill, the Sims with this trait can revive dead garden plants.
  • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignment: Park
  • Sims with green thumbs prefer to watch the gardening channel when turning on the television.
  • Sims with green thumbs will cry when they see a dead plant.
  • Sims with green thumbs strongly benefit from undertaking a Science and Medicine major while studying at college.[TS3:UL]

Related Skill[]

Possible Lifetime Wishes[]

  • The Perfect Garden
  • Become a Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder
  • Bottomless Nectar Cellar

Related Traits[]

Sims with green thumbs[]

Jocasta Bachelor, Lydia Remington, Hope Carpenter.

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