Graham Nardone
Graham Nardone - Simscamp
Graham Nardone, Associate Producer of Maxis

Graham Nardone or SimGuruGraham is an associate producer at Electronic Arts (EA),[1] and a producer for The Sims game series,[2] including The Sims 4 and several expansion packs for The Sims 3. Nardone is well known by his Twitter handle SimGuruGraham, and on as SimGuruSemedi. Graham is one of the most active Sims producers within the community, often responding to player questions and making announcements about recent developments through Twitter.

Nardone joined EA in 2009, and is listed in the credits for The Sims 3: World Adventures and many subsequent expansion and stuff packs for The Sims 3. Prior to working at EA, he worked for two years as a Compliance Specialist for Volition. He graduated summa cum laude from Jacksonville University in 2007, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Computer Art and Design.



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