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Gracie Thedorff
Gracie Thedorff.png
Gender Female Female
Age Adult Adult
Species Hund.png Dog
Breed French Bulldog
Gracie is Bridget's early warning system when it comes to dates. Gracie doesn't think that any man is good enough for her master, but is she doing Bridget a disservice?
Family/Families Thedorff family
Owners Bridget Thedorff
Traits Independent
Other information
Game TSPS Icon.png The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Arbor Falls

Gracie Thedorff is a pre-made small female dog owned by Bridget Thedorff from Arbor Falls, one of the neighborhoods shipped with The Sims Pet Stories. Gracie appears to be a Miniature Great Dane, but with the first dog head template in CAS. Her personality consists of a middle alignment between Genius-Doofus, Hyper-Lazy, and Pigpen-Finicky, while being Independent and Cowardly. She likes Sleeping, Outside and Pets.


Genius Mid Doofus
Hyper Mid Lazy
Independent High Friendly
Aggressive Low Cowardly
Pigpen Mid Finicky

Image Interest Level
Pets interest.png Pets 8
Scary Things interest.png Scary Things 5
Food pet interest.png Food 0
Outside interest.png Outside 8
Sleeping interest.png Sleeping 9
Playtime interest.png Playtime 6
Weather interest.png Weather 1
Toys interest.png Toys 6
Animals interest.png Animals 1