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For the trait in The Sims 3, see Good (The Sims 3).

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Good is a social trait in The Sims 4. It conflicts with evil, mean, and kleptomaniac traits. In the 23rd of March 2021 update they made some new improvements.

"These Sims become Happy around Sims with positive Moodlets, can Donate to Charity, become Sad with interacting with Evil Sims, and can Discuss World Peace."

Attributes[edit | edit source]

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  • These Sims will have "Sad about evilness" sad moodlet if they interact with an evil Sim.
    S4moodlet good vibes.jpg
  • These Sims will have "Good Vibes" happy moodlet if nearby Sims have positive emotions.
  • These Sims can "Discuss World Peace" with other Sims.
  • These Sims will autonomously cry at Gravestones, even if they didn't know the Sim very well.
  • These Sims get an extra "Did Good" happy moodlet from making a donation.
  • They will fear when other Sims shout forbidden words near them.[TS4:PH]
  • They are the only Sims to become angry should they become grounded, while others become tense.[TS4:PH]
  • These Sims will refuse to WooHoo in a coffin.[TS4:V]
  • These Sims can "Help Out" another Sim and will reduce the duration of any negative moodlet of that sim.
  • These Sims along with cheerful sims will react annoyed at mean interactions.

Good Sims[edit | edit source]

Bella Goth, Geoffrey Landgraab, Bjorn Bjergsen

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